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Simple BAT files to add the items without as much hassle.

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This isn't a mod per se, rather a couple .txt files I made to add the items in these two amazing mods to my character (these aren't craftable yet) without having to go through the console, if you know the drill with these files go right ahead, if not look below.

Currently this only covers the Colossus Body suit and the N7 armor, both in it's own separate file, both adding every single item in the mod, you can just drop or store anyone you don't want.

You REQUIRE atleast one of these (otherwise batting this won't do anything):

N7 Armor         http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5016/?

Colossus Suit     http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5829/?

Now you want to find your Fallout 4 Directory, you can get to it by right clicking the Fallout 4 icon on your desktop and selecting the option to open up the target folder, or however it's described on you OS, Im not sure how it will show up as my OS is in spanish. You'll know youre in the right place because you will see the "Fallout4.exe" and the "Fallout4Launcher.exe" files.

Now just open up the .rar file you downloaded with either WinRAR of 7zip or wichever you use, makes no difference, and copy the file or files you need in the main directory, alongside the "Fallout4.exe" and "Fallout4Launcher.exe" files. This DOES NOT GOES INTO Data.

Before going along open the files you copied on notepad or notepad++, called "Colossus.txt" and "N7.txt". You'll notice the 'cheat code' Player.additem XX0000000 is in here, the "XX" needs to be replaced by a number depending on your load order. So power up NMM and go to the Plugins tab, top right hand, right below the "Launch Fallout 4" button, here you can see the *.esp plugins, find the "N7-Armor-Standalone_by_Ruddy88.esp" and "Colossus.esp" files and look to the middle column labelled "Load Order" up on top, not the Index one. You'll see each has a code made up of either 2 numbers or a number and a letter, there aren't as many esp based mods yet, but if you have too many mods you might have a two letter code. Take note of that number and go back to the file, hit edit, and then the "Replace" option, enter "XX" in the 'find' field, and the code you got from NMM on the 'Replace' field. And you're done!

Now in-game, hit the º key to open the console (usually the key next to the 1, to the left, if your keyboard is dumb like mine, hit the "Ñ" key, seriously, Ñ), and enter this:

Bat n7 ----------> For all N7 armor pieces
Bat colossus----> For all Colossus Body Suit pieces

Keep what you like, throw away what you don't.

I have no rights to this mods, I simply created this quickstart Bat files to make my life easier and decided to share them out of plain kindness and boredom. If you are one of the original authors you're more then welcome to take your mod's bat file, add it to your mod and I will take it off this download.