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JoPineapples68 and iheartRunningman

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Tweaked version of JoPineapples68's cinematic preset. With ENB's disable fakelight fix.

Permissions and credits
This is JoPineapples68 first reshade release for FO4, all credits due.  As well as making it as performance-friendly possible.

Most of his tweaks are done on Cineon DPX, LiftGammaGain, Technicolor2, FilmicPass, Filmgrain,  etc.  So most of his tweaks remained intact.

What I've done is added and tweaked abit on Fisheye, Levels, and LumSharpen.  As well as throwing in ENB v307.

Using ENB's "disable fakelight" fix and also Boris Vorontsov's DOF with Wolrajh's autofocus tweak while utilizing Reshade configurations do the rest.  What "disable fakelight" does is removes unwanted lights off of player characters and npcs.  Also using ENB's Dithering which fix abit on sky's ugly ripples.
~~Update~~ ENB v307 released and utilized ENB's SSAO.

Check out ENB guide by Tapioks

(Be sure to save all of your previous files otherwise they will be overwritten.)

~Download from Enbseries v307 and copy enblocal.inid3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your game folder.  Please adjust enblocal.ini to your own setting.

~Download from File section under optional(Reshade Framework 1) and copy Reshade folder, dxgi.dll, and Reshade.fx into your game folder.

-Download and extract my zip file to your desktop. Then copy inside of "~Chalk Outline Cine~" folder and paste them into your game folder. There's optionals for you to choose from.

  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\
  Your driver:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\

Enb SSAO & Enb Lens
By default ENB's SSAO and ENB Lens are on.  If you wish to disable, press shift+enter to open up the GUI and uncheck EnableSSAO and/or EnableLens.

Recommended Mods
Radiant Clouds and Fogs 1.3 by Mangaclub and True Storms - Wasteland Edition 1.4 by fadingsignal
or Vivid Weathers 1.3 by Mangaclub(Not compatible with Radiant Clouds and Fogs as it is already injected into his own weather mod, please refer to Vivid Weathers main page for mod compatibility)
Remove Interior Fog 1.5.dlc6 by Abbalovesyou
Interiors Enhanced - Darker Ambient Light and Fog 1.0.2 by fadingsignal

Or just Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth 0.8 by L00
A standalone weather, fog tweak, night time AI detection, interior lighting, etc (Not compatible with nearly every lighting mod, please refer to NAC Main Page for further details)

LUT textures
LUT textures is not required as I'm using ColorLUT based on JoPineapple68s pallete.  You can try any LUT textures if you wish as it may look good on your game.

Brightness (if the preset is too bright or too dark)
Press Shift+Enter and mouse over COLORCORRECTION.  Click on that and adjust brightness the way you see fit.

Wolrajh's Autofocus Feature for screenshotting
Please visit his enbdev forum for details, regarding his codes.  Go to enb gui by pressing shift+enter and hover to enbdepthoffield.fx.  You will see auto-focus being checked, uncheck it and exit enb gui.  Now "hold" left click on the mouse and hover anywhere around the screen, after you find your result release mouse and take screenshots.  Be sure to check auto-focus when done.

~~For screenshotting I use Fraps so the effects from Reshade effects will be applied to your screenshots~~

FPS hit
I have an inbetween low to medium end machine with an FPS hit on my GTX 760 overclocked is 35-45 FPS indoors and 28-38 outdoors.

JoPineapples68 for letting me host this reshade.
Reshade Framework by Crosire with CeeJay, Ganossa, and other kickass contributers.
Enbseries v307 by Boris Vorontsov and his team.
AutoFocus tweaked by Wolrajh
SweetFX for ENBSeries by woodbyte