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This mod makes one simple but significant tweak to the game's intro sequence in order to make it more realistic. New game required.

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Fallout 4 is not a very realistic game, and that's okay. However, there is one scene that stands out as particularly ridiculous: the intro sequence. Are we really expected to believe that our character just happened to make it into the vault at the exact same time as the bomb fell? And are we also supposed to believe that just being a few feet underground would keep our character completely safe from the resulting blast wave? No. Nuclear bombs do not work that way.

Therefore, this mod removes the most unrealistic aspect of the game's intro sequence: the player character's ability to survive it. Now, no matter how hard you try, the nuke will detonate long before you make it to the vault, killing you instantly. This has two major gameplay effects: one, it makes the intro sequence much more believable. Two, it effectively prevents your character from progressing beyond the intro sequence, making the game essentially unplayable. This second effect makes the mod ideal for New Vegas fans.

As the mod affects the intro sequence, a new game is required. Existing save games will not be affected unless they have not completed the intro sequence yet. For best results, send this mod to your friends without telling them what it does. Voice Chat and/or livestream of their gameplay are recommended for the best experience in this case.

Now officially endorsed by PCGamer (for some reason.)

Now also endorsed by Eurogamer (Again, not sure why)