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This is a collection of modifications along the theme of science and research. Some highlights from this mod include Pimping out your Pipboy, power armor mods for your armor, like the Targeting HUD and Jetpacks (with 3 working models on the armor!), Cold Fusion weapons, cloning, cybernetic implants, and throwable freed... I mean nukes.

Permissions and credits
Update On My Computer Troubles

What do you mean I'm not a Scientist? Why does everyone keep saying that. I run around with laser weapons and nuclear powered armor, and I built it all myself! Evidently that doesn't make me a Scientist. Well, maybe this mod will.

Enter the world of Research Projects, a mod created to explore what is possible in the scientific field. Technology shouldn't stop advancing just because the world came to an end! What mad scientist lets a little thing like that stop him? With these new tools at your disposal, there's absolutely nothing you can't conquer, even the Commonwealth itself!

Seriously though, this mod has a ton of features to offer, and more to come. Take a look below if you are curious what all this mod includes, and if you still aren't satisfied, then you must not be a true Mad Scientist.

What does this mod have to offer?
  • Power armor mods usable on combat and synth armor. Now with 3 different working jetpack models for different sizes.
  • Cybernetic implants using synth components.
  • Conversions for Ballistic and Energy weapons, including Plasma, Zetan, and Tesla conversions.
  • 4 Different backpacks from Brotherhood Scribe outfits and the Hazmat Air Tanks.
  • Modifiable Pipboy! Pimp your Pipboy with custom skins, and mix and match different components.
  • Throwable mini-nukes! And now Missiles too!
  • Clone your very own army of wasteland critters to defend your home or attack your enemies.
  • New material and power source mods for your favorite melee weapons.
  • New drugs made from Tobacco, Chem Cigs and Chem Stogies, and their mix counterparts.
  • Unlock the power of Cold Fusion to power some of the most powerful energy weapons yet!

Research Projects

Cold-Fusion Core: These blueprints can't possibly be correct. I don't even know where I would get these materials! Think of the possibilities though. If this had been completed before the war, we might have avoided the Great War in the first place. No, this couldn't possibly work. I will not dedicate my life to the pursuit of something so foolhardy.
If you have the ability to track down the components, you can unlock the power of cold fusion, a power source with 20 times the capacity of a normal Fusion Core, and capable of powering some of the most powerful energy weapon you have ever seen. The Prototype Cold-Fusion Core is extremely rare, and the weapons that can use it are each unique in the world of fallout. Find the materials, and build the Gatling Laser, Institute Laser, and Gauss Rifle mods to power them with cold fusion.
Modifiable Pipboy: I received one of these Pipboys today in trade with the local dwellers of Vault 81. They were certainly loathe to part with one, but now that I have it I cannot wait to begin unlocking its secrets. I will start by hooking up some of the more advanced targeting systems from a spare suit of power armor to it. I am sure this VATS can be used for more than just aiming a pistol.
Modify the Pipboy at the Armor station, and give it a variety of upgrades. I will be working on custom looks (materials) for the pipboy as well. If you have Legendary Modifications installed, you will be able to add legendary mods to it as well. You can also change the materials the Pipboy is made from, and make your Pipboy unique to you and only you! See the Pimp My Pipboy section for details. WARNING: Do not ever unequip the Pipboy, you may not be able to put it back on. Requirements for crafting will be the same as on power armor.
  • Added an NPC craftable Pipboy under the Utility section of the Research station. It does not yet have all of the mods of the player one.
  • Added specialized VATS cards, which can give a number of advantages like the LA VATS card which converts VATS into a passive critical bonus, ReTAA which slows time when you aim, GySSA which helps stabilize scoped aiming, and EnWIS for better energy weapon integration.
Combat and Synth Armor Mods: With armor this light, I know it will not offer the same kind of protection, but with some wires and a decent power source, I see no reason I cannot attach some of the more advanced combat systems to it. It would certainly help the covert troops. Not every operation can be approached with the banging of power armor.
Some power armor mods will be usable on armor pieces. Combat Armor and Synth armor will be able to receive these mods, but other armors may be able to use them as well, especially from other mods, depending on how they are set up. All power armor mods take the misc category. Requirements for crafting will be the same as on power armor. Jetpacks attached to these armors will be visible on your back.
Cybernetic Implants: Today, a business associate brought me two items of interest. They were called a cybernetic pain inhibitor and a cybernetic limb actuator. My associate says there was another, a brain implant, but it was destroyed. These two items fascinate me, and I feel I must unlock their potential. I never knew the institute was capable of making something like this. To think, there might actually be some benefit to mankind in their technology.
A brain implant, limb actuators and pain inhibitor take the various armor slots but show no model on your character. They provide protection against energy damage, poison damage, electrical damage, and radiation, but confer no bonuses to physical protection. They can be given an extra set of power armor modifications in place of the more advanced material modifications that most armor get. The otherwise useless cybernetic parts you find during the main quest (no spoilers) can be turned into components for crafting the implants. Crafting in the Research Station, it requires Science and the Medic perk.
  • Now give your implants armor! Choose from any of the three sizes of combat armor and synth armor to add over your implants, as well as Kellog's special left arm armor. (More may be added on request.)
Special Addon Packs: Working with the brotherhood lately has had some perks. I now have access to some of their equipment, and I must say, this Energy Pack is my favorite. I hooked it into my laser rifle, and you would not believe the difference! I would look absolutely silly in that getup however, so I think I will take the pack off and use it by itself for now. Who knows, maybe I could give some of the others the same treatment.
Introducing 4 new standalone backpacks (taking slot 54), which each give unique bonuses and modification slots. There's a version coming from each of these outfits: Science Scribe (Energy Pack), Hazmat Suit (Air Tanks), Engineer Scribe (Fuel Tank), and the Field Scribe (Travel Pack). There's also a mining Helmet standalone light. Craft them at the Research Station under the Packs section, or the Utility section for the light.
Targeting Computers: I have finally found time to begin work on a personal project. I had a dream the other night of dancing lights in the sky. They were orbs of energy, moving all about as if alive. I began to wonder if it was possible, and so I began work on a way to magnetically guide energy projectiles. The computer itself is hefty, and makes it nearly impossible to aim the weapon manually, but all you need is a lock on, and you suddenly cannot miss!
Attach a Targeting Computer (like from the Missile Launcher) to certain energy weapons, and the projectiles will be guided straight towards the target. It can be attached to the Laser Musket, Laser Gun, Institute Laser Gun, Plasma Gun, and Alien Blaster. The targeting computer will also guide the Self Launching Missiles.
Laser Suppressors: I fear that I have encountered a major dilemma with my choice of weapon. Those beams of light are like a big red arrow pointing directly to me. How can I hope to take a shot of opportunity on an unsuspecting target, when I am drawing a line from me to him? God forbid I miss! I must begin work on a fix for this inherent flaw in my laser weapon, I am sure I will find a solution! Maybe if I shutter the photon beam like with a camera...
The laser suppressors are muzzle addons you can put onto the Laser Musket, Laser Gun, and Institute laser which shorten the beam into a bolt shape, and suppresses the sound the weapon makes. This makes the weapon more efficient for stealth attacks, and helps keep the attacker hidden. The Suppressors count as silencers on laser weapons, but the photon shuddering is incompatible with the targeting computers.
Zetan Energy Weapons: Today was my first encounter with a Doctor Cabot. He allowed me to take a look at a special weapon he'd been working on, and I was most impressed by the concept. Using that horrendously gaudy Gamma Gun as the basis however, that is something I cannot abide. I must begin work immediately on a way to harness this form of radiation in a more elegant fashion!
Once you complete the above quest, you will gain access to the ability to create Zetan capacitors for your Gatling Laser, Laser Gun, Laser Musket, and even the Alien Blaster. These modifications use Gamma Rounds as ammo, but stagger enemies and do a small amount of radiation damage.
Cloning Canisters: I am not entirely sure I should be documenting this. I had a visit from some "people" that I dare not mention. They wanted me to work on a project allowing them to store creatures inside of a bio canister. Honestly, if they weren't threatening my life, I would have never done it, but I cannot deny the implications. To think, you can just keep a whole Gorilla in your back pocket!
Create new cloning canisters from biomaterial you find around the wasteland. Clone creatures using their meat or eggs, and then store their material in a canister for later use. Crafted on the Research Station. You can even place them in your settlements as pets (found in the Guard Post section of Defense).
Throwable Mini-nuke: It dawn on me one day, the super mutants learned how to modify the mini-nukes for their suiciders. Super mutants, the least intelligent of the bipedals on this blasted out crater of a planet, figured out how to utilize their destructive power without the aid of a Fat Man. Now, I know the risks, and you should too, but hear me out. When you throw this, and you won't be able to throw it very far, run - like - hell!
Craft the Mini-Nuke Grenade at the Research station from a mini nuke and a circuit. They work like grenades, but can't be thrown very far. You were warned that these things are insanely clumsy. Don't blow yourself up!
Self Launching Missiles: I have extended my research of throwable ordinance to launching missiles without a launcher. I know, such a silly idea, but it worked! I have to attach stabilizers to the missiles of course, but they work beautifully once airborn. They are admittedly difficult to aim however. Perhaps some kind of guidance system would help with this?
Craft Self Launching Missiles at the Research station just like the Mini-Nuke Grenades. These are throwable missiles that can home in on targets if you are using a Targeting Computer on your firearm. See below on how to use the targeting computer.
  • Make sure to craft one of the two standalone Research Stations found in the crafting menu of your workshop to access most of the features above.

Also including!
  • Plasma Conversions - Convert the 10mm Pistol, Assault Rifle, Combat Rifle, and Hunting Rifle into plasma energy weapons!
  • Elemental Chargers - Add new elemental effects to the 10mm Pistol, Deliverer, Combat Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Submachinegun.
  • Tesla Powered Laser Musket - Convert the laser musket to use 2mm Electromagnetic Cartidges and deal devastating electic damage, even stunning your enemies.
  • Tesla Capacitors - Power your Laser Gun, Institute Laser Gun, Plasma Gun, and Laser Gatling with tesla energy, dealing additional electrical damage, and stunning foes.
  • Alien Blaster Tech - Take the secrets of that nifty alien blaster to the institute, and you can modify Institute Laser Guns to use alien blaster rounds, which can now be crafted as special ammo.
  • Ball Turret Deployer - Craft special mines which can deploy ball turrets at your location to fight for you. They include Machinegun, Laser, Institute, Plasma, and Blaster turrets. Each have unique abilities.
  • Corrosive Canister - Attach it to a Flamer to spew out streams of acid. Even the fumes are deadly, and get deadlier with the Hallucigen nozzle, which adds the gas to your acid fumes.
  • Energy Weapon Agitators - Make Plasma and Laser agitators that act like energy weapon grenade launchers. They are very powerful, but highly inaccurate and dangerous to even yourself. With great power comes great responsibility!
  • Fuel Rod Launcher - Modify your Guass rifle to fire Fuel Rods, costly projectiles which explode on impact. They aren't as powerful as some explosives, but they are highly accurate over long distances! Craft fuel rods at the Research Station.
  • Melee Material Mods - Choose from Titanium Alloy, Silver Plated, Piezonucleic, Ceramic Composite and more for the materials your favorite weapons are made from. (Works on all bladed weapons, the Tire Iron, Baton, both Sledgehammers, and even Grognak's Axe!)
  • Melee Power Sources - Power your melee weapons with more than just run of the mill gas. Give them High Octane fuel, Nitro, or even Nuclear power, and more. (Works on the Ripper, Shishkebab, Super Sledge, and Power Fist!)
  • Contact Lenses - Why should glasses be the only eye items? Don't feel like wasting a slot by not wearing that perception boosting item because it looks bad? Well, put in some contact lenses, and you're set.
  • Chem Cigs - Make a number of tobacco related drugs from the many packs of cigarettes and cigars you find throughout the wasteland! It just isn't right not being able to smoke up. Tobacco products calm the nerves and steady your scoped accuracy.

Change Log:

Version 0.9:
  • Added Elemental Charges to the Deliverer, Combat Rifle, and Assault Rifle. Still using placeholder model for now.
  • Added Laser and Plasma Agitators (energy weapon grenade launchers) to the Plasma Gun and Institute Laser Gun.
  • Added a Fuel Rod Launcher mod to the Guass rifle. Fuel rods are highly accurate over long distances, and explode on impact for a big boom!
  • Added new VATS cards for the Pipboy. Modify your Pipboy to do various things, like slow time, stabilize scoped aiming, and add passive critical bonuses.
  • Added Alien Blaster tech to the Institute Laser, unlockable after finding the blaster.
  • Added various Ball Turret Deployers which can help fight for you in a pinch, but once deployed, they can't move anywhere.
  • Added Chem cigs to the leveled lists so they will appear in various locations around the commonwealth like other chems.
  • Melee weapons can now spawn with material and power modifications already on them!
  • Added the melee weapon mods to the instanced name rules so they will carry names.
  • Removed ALL custom attachment categories, and crafting categories from the mod. This should greatly decrease compatibility issues!
  • Various bug fixes to make the mod more stable, even with other mods.
  • Cybernetic Implants now function on most of your companions, including Dogmeat!

Version 0.8:
  • Started on the Elemental Chargers, but still in testing. So far the 10mm Pistol and Submachinegun have the ability to add the four elemental chargers as Muzzle Addons.
  • Created a new Acid conversion for the Flamer, including a Hallucigen Gas companion mod to make your victims go insane WHILE melting.
  • Created Suppressors for the laser weapons (Laser Gun, Laser Musket, and Institute Laser), which shorten the projectile making it harder to notice, changes the sound it makes, and counts as a Silencer for certain perks.
  • Added the new Chem Cigs and Chem Stogies, which can be combined with Jet, Calmex, and Med-X for additional benefits. All cigarette junk items now give Tobacco.
  • Made some big changes to the clone canisters, the creatures now follow you around after you throw them down.

Version 0.7:
  • Added melee material mods and melee power source mods. These may cause conflicts with other mods which edit the melee weapons (since I had to add whole new categories.)
  • Added Contact lenses as a craftable perception boosting eye item. They will use Armorsmith Extended categories if you get the latest compatibility patch.
  • Added armor addons for implants. You can now wear combat/synth armor, and even some special pieces I am working on, as a visual and statistical benefit for the implants. Sorry, no metal, raider, or leather versions coming.
  • Added an Institute recipe for making Synth Components. They -are- the source after all, you should be able to make the implants easier if you side with the institute (or loot everything inside).

Version 0.6:
  • Targeting Computer added to Laser Gun, Institute Gun, and Plasma Gun.
  • Relay Grenades renamed Cloning Canisters, new effects.
  • Creatures spawned from the Canisters are now friendly towards you.
  • Can use biomaterial directly to place creatures in your base like a turret (under the guard tower section).
  • Adjusted the Jetpack effect to look 'close' on most of the models, but since each armor has the jetpack in a different place, the effect can't fit all perfectly. May adjust it more in the future.
  • The Cold-Fusion core has a different mesh now, and will be placed into the Gatling Laser appropriately.
  • Added a second, smaller, Research Console, but it is still a WIP.

Version 0.5:
  • Added the Prototype Cold-Fusion Core, and the three mods that can use it.
  • Added a stand alone crafting table for most of the items. It is the Research Station, craftable at your workshop. This was added to reduce the number of recipes at the chems station.
  • Jetpacks on Combat and Synth armor! They don't have the effect lined up yet, but they show up whenever you add the jetpack mod to your armor. Should be 100% compatible with Craftable Armor Sizes, Concealed Armor, and material swaps. Will not be compatible with Synth and Combat armor Mesh changes.
  • Changed the mod's category. I think I've moved way beyond just armor and weapons.
  • Made a few Misc items non-scrappable, because of their rarity and importance to the mod.
  • Added the Super Sledge to the list of weapons buffed by the Fuel Tank.
  • Recharge the Fusion Cores and Cold-Fusion Core by recrafting it. Make sure the fusion core you want to recharge, is the only one in your inventory.
  • Updated the Beam Overrides esp, to include the instutute laser and gatling laser.

Version 0.4:
  • Fixed the CTD from the Assault Rifle Plasma Conversion.
  • Added relay grenades for all creatures you can get meat from.
  • Added an NPC Pipboy from the Vault 81 variant. Craftable.
  • Added a standalone Mining Helmet light that takes slot 55.
  • Changed the Enchantment on the Fuel Tank from Bonus vs Robots to bonus damage with fueled weapons (Flamer, Shiskebab, and RIpper).
  • Added support for the Outfits with Packs optional file. You can now have the packs built into the Brotherhood outfits they come from.

Version 0.3.1:
  • Hotfix for the Locksmithing Perk animation.

Version 0.3:
  • Fixed the bad mesh references on the Cybernetic Implants. (For this time, seriously guys.)
  • Changed how the Tesla Crank works for the Laser Musket, now can Stun enemies as well.
  • Added the Tesla Capacitors for the Laser Gun, Institute Gun, Plasma Gun, and Gatling Laser.
  • Added 4 new Backpacks to slot 54, each with unique bonuses.

Version 0.2.1:
  • Fixed the Targeting Computer's size and texture.
  • Fixed the bug where the mesh comes up as an error on the Cybernetic Implants when you exit power armor.
  • Gave all of the mods in the pack unique misc items. There should be no more conflicts.
  • Added the Tesla Capacitor for the Laser Musket.

Version 0.2:
  • Finished the Alien Blaster Targeting Computer.
  • Finished the Pipboy Materials.
  • Finished Plasma Conversions for Assault Rifle, Combat Rifle, and Hunting Rifle.
  • Added Throwable Missiles.
  • Fixed floating mesh when using Cybernetics.
  • Laser Musket Overhaul:
  1. Targeting Computer for Laser Musket.
  2. Pistol grips for Laser Musket.
  3. Sniper Barrels for Laser Musket (still WIP).
  • Optional Beam Override for compatibility.

Pimp My Pipboy:

The following section is for adding your Pipboy skin to the Custom folders where you can use them as materials for your Pipboy. Follow the instructions here, and post all steps if you are unable to see them in world.
  1. Locate your Fallout 4 install folder. It should be under Steam, yadda yadda.
  2. Open the .zip, .rar, or .7z file the Pipboy textures came packed in.
  3. Navigate through the folders until you locate the .dds files. (They should be under Textures/AnimObjects/Pipboy within the archive.)
  4. Manually select the files, and choose extract.
  5. Point the extractor to .../Data/Textures/AnimObjects/Pipboy/Custom #. (Choose which custom you want these files to inhabit.)
  6. Start up Fallout 4, go to an armor crafting bench, and change the materials to the Custom you chose. You can choose any combination for your personalized Pipboy.


Extract the Main .zip into your Data folder as per the usual jazz.

First time installers will also need the Pipboy Templates .zip.

You may also want to get the Beam Override .zip as well (optional).

You will need to have enabled modding as usual as well.

Go here if you don't know how: Enable Modding for Fallout 4

To uninstall, delete the Research Projects.esp, though you will want to clean up the files in the Meshes Materials and Textures folders too. Hopefully when I can put those in a .BSA, that will no longer be an issue.

Alternatively, just install with NMM, and you should be golden.

Bugs, Incompatibilities, Q&A:

Known Issues:
  • Unequipping the Pipboy makes it so you can't use the Pipboy. Duh, that's why it says do not unequip. I had to make it like that in order to apply mods to it.
  • The light from the Tesla Capacitor on the Laser Musket is always on. I will have to figure out how to fix this.
  • The Sniper barrels for the Laser Musket sometimes cause the muzzle addons to detach from the gun. I am working on this one too.
  • The Research Stations crafting categories might bug out if you have too many mods with crafting station categories in them.
  • Anything that modifies the Pipboy. The unequippable Pipboy mod for instance. This does that already anyways.
  • Anything that mods the Vault 81 Pipboy will also cause conflicts. Make sure this mod is below the Baubles of the Wasteland mod.
  • Changes to power armor mods may not effect the power armor mods for combat and synth armor.
  • Mesh overrides for the synth and combat armor are not compatible with the jetpack meshes. The jetpacks ARE attached to those armors physically, and use material swaps to become visible.
  • What all will you be adding to this mod, and can I make suggestions? I won't know entirely until the new version of the GECK comes out (whatever that will be called for Fallout 4). Go ahead and make suggestions. I am at that point where I can start hearing them out.
  • Will you be adding more slots for the Pimp My Pipboy feature? Maybe, or maybe not. It depends on how badly people need it. Creating the slots is actually kind of a pain, and the default files take up space in the download file.

Special Thanks:

SomberX for teaching me how to link, position, and rescale the jetpacks. His mod can be found here.
J3litzkrieg for the use of his Jetpack model from Compact Jetpack. I highly recommend this mod.
agentbrea for the Black Science Scribe recolor patch. Go here for the original.

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