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A re-texture of Fallout 4's military apparel and army fatigues inspired by Vietnam and WW2 era uniforms and equipment. Featuring all new normal maps which bring a new layer of detail to these skins.

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What started out as a quest to bring a simple helmet cover to the fallout universe has evolved into a full blown conversion of fallout 4's military apparel. 
With way to many hours sunk into this I give you a Vietnam esque re-imagining of the US military utilizing the tiger stripe pattern. As an experiment i have edited the normal maps of each piece to reflect additional detail such as cloth helmet covers, helmet nets, and ALICE web gear. While no replacement for a entirely new model, this method allows for enhanced detail and lighting effects of otherwise static textures. If you take any screenshots or recorded video I would love to see them also if you have any questions or requests feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. 

Just finished a USAF inspired version of this mod, this new version will be updated in Parallel with the original. The Re-texture includes Vietnam era Air Force ranks, patches, name-tapes, and insignia. The new file can be found under the name Air Commando.


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  • Add a Olive Drab uniform with ALICE gear
  • Add additional camouflage options for both helmet cover and uniform
  • Add a combat armor re-texture to fit with the theme
  • Add the ability to customize helmets via crafting menu, adding camo covers and/or netting in game


  • 1.0 Wasteland Commando
  • 1.0 Air Commando


  1. Extract contents of file using your preferred extraction software to the Fallout 4 Data directory ...SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data

  1. Delete any files downloaded (reference compressed archive).