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I wished I could shoot the radios when they annoy me again. Now I can, again.

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Our buddy Bubba found his way to Boston.  And he got likkered up and took a potshot at the radio again.  He'll never learn.

Looking for the New Vegas version?  Find it here!
Looking for the XBox version? Find it here!

This mod adds destruction data to most of the desktop radios in the world of F04.  

I caught myself wondering once why the radios in abandoned houses still worked, and the only reason I could think of was that they must have an internal power source, and it's probably not safe if breached. ;)

They will go boom, they will make a mess of havok items in the area, and they will hurt if you're too close.  You have been warned.

I'm still deciding whether to add destruction data for the actual jukeboxes in game, as there don't seem to be as many of them, and the ones that exist don't appear to be powered in most cases.  (Yes, that's me asking you all for feedback.)

The archives include only the ESP or ESL, so your mod manager of choice should handle them without issue.

I still make no claims of stability, lore friendliness, quest friendliness, or your tinfoil hat being safe from falling askew.  
Further emphasized by the fact that this was built with FO4Edit rather than the unreleased GECK.


p.s. Endorsements are appreciated if you enjoy using it!

-Update 2/5/2018 - Version 3, Added additional Radios, all Ham radios and Jukeboxes, and tuned explosions a tad.  Uploaded ESL and ESP versions - choose one.
Warning: Version 3 allows destroying quest related (distress signal) ham radios. Destroying the radios before the signal
is deactivated will leave the signal active. I'll likely be disabling destruction of quest related sets
in another update soon.

-Update.  Version 2 requires all DLC, and adds the annoying raider radios in Nuka World.  More to come when I have time.