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A New Start includes about 490 select mods and a substantial atmospheric visual overhaul. You decide your own playstyle and difficulty scaling. Support for managing a team of companions. If you play as a female you have the option to be a veteran soldier with a law degree.

Permissions and credits
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Short Takeaway:
ECO Crafting With Universal Workbench
FallUI -With the New FIS Sort
Complex Sorter
NPC Level Scaling
Baka and Buffout 
Sim Settlements 2 With Addon Support (V 2..3.1 in the latest update)
Encounter Zone Continuous Level Scaling
DLC Timing
High FPS Physics Fix
Perk Up
NAC X Legacy Edition Weather and Visuals (Includes a visual overhaul)
True Storms Integration
Lighting: ELFX and Ultra Interior Lighting Merged
A Forest
Reactor ENB (Edited for better FPS, and filmic features revisited)
F4 Shadowboost
Liga Of My Comaniions - Team Management
CBBE- No Nudity but that ballpark is yours
Improved HD Graphics
Wheel Menu
Expressive Animations (see pics)
Player Comments and head tracking (Optional)
Wide selection of weapons and armor
General - Many fixes and utilities for a smooth gameplay

Wabbajack is a popular mod auto-installer that installs a portable instance of MO2, with the mods attached automatically. You need a premium Nexus account and an SSD drive. I am using the install from disk method, where you just download my file here. But many developers put their lists on the Wabbajack site. Have an exploration on Wabbajack, if you are looking for other options and playstyles. See the video section for more about Wabbajack. 

Survival Mode / Creation Club
If you are looking for a list that supports these see the F4 Wabbajack lists.

This build has about 490 mods and needs about 85 gigs of space initially. The download files take up about 45 gigs, you can delete those in MO2 after installation, but if you do, and need to reinstall a mod, you will need to download that Mod again from Nexus.

My Specs ballpark, getting about 55-60 fps in Boston with Reactor ENB on, I am capped at 60 fps:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core Processor
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
Installed RAM 32.0 GBSystem


If you have mods installed with other mod managers or manual, this needs a clean install of F4 on an SSD drive outside of windows program files. A Steam uninstall is not enough, Steam leaves behind your stuff. Completely delete the F4 folder, or its contents before reinstalling.

If you have not installed lists before:

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages Download

Link Here

Download the x64 version under Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022.

Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0) Update 4

Download the x64 version under Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0) Update 4.

Steam Install:
1. When doing a new F4 install, create a Steam Library on the SSD drive you are targetting during F4 installation if you don't have one already, and install F4 on that drive. Steam will give you that option during the installation. In Steam disable the HD DLC before reinstalling, you may get black faces if you don't.

2..Then start Fallout 4 at least once in Steam Launcher after a new install. No need to go into the game, just launch the game to initialize it. I would max out your settings initially, and disable Lens Flare and Screen Reflections. Later, using BethINI, you can fine-tune your INI settings, resolution, quality levels, and preferences.

3. After installing, in Steam right-click on the F4 game, go to properties and choose "Only Update When I launch the Game" and disable any overlays

Note: If you are using GOG, or other game suppliers, just do the equivalent. I have never tried them with this, but I hear it should be ok.


1. Download my file in the file section, best to extract the contents to the drive you want the list to target. 

2. Download the latest Wabbajack installer Wabbajack

3. You need a premium nexus account. Best to put wabbajack.exe in the same drive as your install target. Don't install it in a game folder or inside a Steam library. Launch Wabbajack, then go to the wabbajack settings menu cog at the top right and log into your premium account on Nexus. (See Video Section for general Wabbajack tuition)

4. Then choose the install from disk option, and navigate to the file you downloaded from here.

5. Choose the drive and folder you wish the download to target, and include a downloads folder as a subdirectory in your main folder, wabback may do that automatically. Start the installation.

6. This will take some time depending on your internet, if wabbajack fails, go back and try again, sometimes nexus delivery might have stumbled, wabbajack remembers where you were. A stumble is fairly common, depending on nexus status, and internet delivery. Keep trying, it's worth it, this is the hardest bit.

Note: I did a few try installs of this myself, and mostly it went without a hitch, but it failed once, If that happens, just click the back arrow, and try again, it will check for missing files. When you graduate from the download bit to the installing files bit, you should be fine.

Troubleshooting: The log file should tell you which file it failed to download, If necessary, you can go to the file concerned on Nexus, download it manually, put the ZIP file in the downloads folder, and do a retry. See the wabbajack videos for other help.

7. Then, after the install completed notice, copy the files from the "Games folder files" folder, into your root F4 folder, where Fallout4 exe lives. Copy the files, not the folder.

8. Go to your install folder and launch MO2.exe. Launch the game in MO2 from the A New Start link to the top right, in-game, go to MCM settings, and apply my settings for hotkeys. You must always launch the game from MO2. You can set up your own hotkeys with the hotkeys manager or individual mods.

9. You need to make sure Nat X interior lighting override is disabled and activate the ENB patch, It's now in MCM, and has the option to activate a flashlight. I tried to do that in my MCM settings, but check it out.

BethINI is in the Tools folder to tune your INI files and preferences. Close MO2, and launch BethINI. In BethINI you must navigate to the A New Start profile in MO2. See the videos section.

The Optional Mods:
Don't add or remove mods mid-game. Good practice to never delete a mod in the list, just disable it in the optional section. When you launch a new game, make sure the mods activated are not disabled later, or you may have mods missing messages in the game, which can corrupt your save. Custom Camera is disabled in favor of a Camera Tweaks INI Mod, which is very good in my view. Disable this if you prefer Custom Camera. Or disable both if you don't want any camera. NAC X has FOV settings you can activate in the game.

 You can go to MCM and NPC level scaling, and adjust the balance if you feel it's incorrect for your play style. I included a mod that gives you more XP for companion kills. Enemy NPCs should be more accurate, as will your companions. These increase with your stats.

I would recommend playing on hard or above, no bullet sponges. You can adjust your incoming and outgoing damage with level scaling

If you allowed the female veteran soldier option, you can make sure you are a formidable fighter.

You will find a Universal Workbench outside the vault, pick it up, and an interesting weapon is in the area. When using a workshop in any settlement, you will see a Trash Can near each workshop. Activate the workshop, move near it till the Trash Can is highlighted, and choose Scrap from the menu, The Trash Can will turn into a ball. This will remove much of the local scrap in a safe manner. It's compatible with SS2.

The Perk Up mod includes Auto Hack and Auto Lockpick integrated into the perks. This only kicks in when you achieve a certain stat level. Locky Bastard will give you the option to shoot locks, sometimes you can kick doors open, depending on your stats.

1. You might hear wind and weather in the character creation bit. MCM settings for the NAC X Legacy edition are now there, and some weather might be activated. I would go to the main game sound settings and turn down the reverb ambiance. With NAC X some weathers have wind all the time, and some have no wind. There is a vast selection of weather, and True Storms is integrated. No need to activate True Storm's holotape.

2. Sim Sellements 2 may have changes and updates, keep an eye on its status, you can update the files I have here, Make sure the version tab is activated in MO2 on the left-hand side to see which version you have. If needed, download the new version. If you have not deleted the original downloads it will tell you have that already. It will download the new version under a new name. If you have deleted the original download, it will just download. Install it and choose to Replace the original. Note: this is not necessary for this build, But if you want the latest, this is how to do it. Some updates have bug fixes, might be worth a look.

3: Sanctuary Hot Springs Player Home will have trees near the front door. Open the little fuse box to the left and activate the mini workshop. Scrap the trees as required. I would advise going to the modders page for more tips about the key and locations. Particularly see the mod pics for more guidance.

4. Some mods can be quite involved with their various options and settings in MCM or Holotape. For more info on a mod, go to MO2 left-hand side, right-click on the mod, and choose "Visit on Nexus".

5. NAC X has a wide selection of visual presets, go to MCM and NAC X presets. My preference is VIVID, which makes the game more colorful and cozy, but try them out yourself.

A short video to show the flavor, with some female vet soldier dialogue. Never looks as good on YouTube. Includes the player comments and head tracking mod, a breath of fresh air.

The mod creators, thank you for your time and skills
Wabbajack team
Lively who did Magnum Opus, his mods, and teaching
Gozer for his F4 Modding essentials
Nexus for hosting and delivering the mods
Bethesda for the game