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Bored of your current settlements trading stores/stands? It's time to spice things up a bit, now whoever settlers you've assigned to be selling Armors, Weapon, Chems or Foods will actually look and most importantly ACT like one. For all of those who wants more immersion!!

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I hate how all of those trading stands as it doesn't even resemble what your assigned settlers are actually selling aside from their ugly big space-taking stand. 

What I did is I've changed up how their trading stands looks and settlers animations for now to be the same as the crafting workbenches (note that the player cannot interact with the workbenches the assigned settlers are using).

So now, an Armor-smith who sells your armor would be seen like he actually made the armor, not just stupidly wiping dish rug.


Currently what have been changed so far:-

  • All Weapon Trading Stands - Weapon Workbenches
  • All Armor Trading Stands - Armor Workbenches
  • Clinic, First Aid, Surgery Center - Chemistry Workbenches
  • Drink stand, Bar, Restaurant - See Image Section -- uploaded images for Bar only for now :)

Planned Features:-

  • Add Food Stores
  • Add Clothing Stores
  • Add General Trading Stores
  • Make all the workbenches so that player can use it too
  • Add fully-functional barber shop and an actual usable surgery center
  • Add workbench variety 
  • Add animation variety 

Tools Used:-

Recommended Mods/Compatibility:-

There isn't any known compatibility issues currently as for now, and also these are the mods that I'm using alongside this mod and I highly recommend to download it to have a much more immersive settlements in the Commonwealth!!


Add this row under the [Archive] section of your Fallout4.ini:

Remove everything from sResourceDataDirsFinal: 

I recommend installing through the Nexus Mod Manager.

With Nexus Mod Manager (NMM):
  1. Download the mod by clicking "Download with manager".

Manual installation:
  1. Manually download the .zip file containing the mod.

  2. Open the .zip using a file archiver.

  3. Extract the ProperStoreAnimation.esp into the Data folder (not in any subfolder) of your Fallout 4 installation.

  4. Open plugins.txt (located in C:\Users\-username-\AppData\Fallout4) and add the name of the .esp files you chose to the list.


With Nexus Mod Manager (NMM):
  1. Deactivate the mod by double-clicking it.
  2. Mark the deactived mod and uninstall or delete it.

Manual uninstallation:

  1. Remove all files associated with the mod from your Data folder.

  2. Remove the name of the .esp files you used from plugins.txt.

Last but not least:-

Please report any bugs or anything you want me to add to this mod as I'm looking forward to hear it from you all!! Thanks!