Companion Infinite Ammo and Unbreakable Power Armour by Talkie Toaster
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Thanks to FO4Edit!

Combines Companion Infinite Ammo and Companion Unbreakable Power Armour.

Gives your vanilla companions infinite ammo for all weapons (bar the Fat Man and Missile Launchers), and copies Paladin Danse's immunity from power armour damage to all companions. Your companions are all adults- they can take care of themselves. Stop having to babysit them!

Two versions are available:
  • SINGLE: This works for a single vanilla companion at a time (so, all you have in the base game). It doesn't edit the NPCs. It won't work with multiple-follower mods.
  • MULTI: This works for all the vanilla companions at once. It does edit the companion NPCs, so will conflict with any other mod that edits their NPC forms.

I recommend the SINGLE version as it changes fewer forms. If you use mods that let you have multiple vanilla followers at once, use MULTI.