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Makes all companions power armour unbreakable - not just Paladin Danse.

(Also power armor)

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Thanks to FO4Edit!

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Makes power armour not take damage when worn by *any* companion, not just Paladin Danse. Put your companions in a neat set of power armour without having to faff around with upkeeping it. They're not going to die anyway, so it's basically just an aesthetic choice- and makes them standing out in the open trading fire with Super Mutants less annoying.

Two versions are available:
  • SINGLE: This works for a single vanilla companion at a time (so, all you have in the base game). It doesn't edit the NPCs. It won't work with multiple-follower mods.
  • MULTI: This works for all the vanilla companions at once. It does edit the companion NPCs, so
  • will conflict with any other mod that edits their NPC forms.

I recommend the SINGLE version as it changes fewer forms. If you use mods that let you have multiple vanilla followers at once, use MULTI.

Companion Infinite Ammo and Unbreakable Power Armour - Stops you needing to top up companion ammo supplies too.
(NOTE: If you want to use both Companion Infinite Ammo and Companion Unbreakable Power Armour, you *have* to use the combined version)