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Fixes a bug in Backpacks of the Commonwealth where a Sneak debuff would get permanently applied to the player. And more...

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Backpacks of the Commonwealth - eXoPatch

Fixes a bug in Backpacks of the Commonwealth where a Sneak debuff would get permanently applied to the player. And more...

Technical Explanation
There is a quest that makes sure that the player can always be detected while sneaking when visiting the Backpack HQ.
The problem is that there is a possibility that the quest gets stuck in a loop reapplying the Sneak Debuff Perk made to achieve this.
Not only does it ruin your sneaking, it also keeps the quest constantly running, which we want to avoid.

Added a new stage to the quest that gets triggered when you visit the last room of the building.
(you can't avoid this room unless you use console to leave the building.)

This new stage removes the perk and then properly ends the quest.

Correction Quest
Also added a small correction quest that loads once after you start game the first time after installing the patch. This quest checks if you've finished the previously last stage of the bugged quest and then ends the quest the same as above trigger. So no need to revisit the location for this fix to work.

If you haven't done the event this quest will close out itself and do nothing.

Updates the perks given to properly have the accurate amount of ranks. No longer stuck at 1/4 in the perk when there in reality was just one rank.
Fixed Navmesh issue in the above location.

bmanzzs for creating Backpacks of the Commonwealth.
Potato95 for spreading awareness about the bug.