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Simple immersive way to craft gears screws springs nuclear materials corks ....

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Hi guys, ever been in the middle of upgrading your favorite weapon or or building that water purifier only to find out you are missing one screw or spring or gear, nuclear material ... some other BS.
After a while I got so frustrated that I just created a mod for all the stuff I was running out of and makes no sense not to have the option to craft it when it is so easy to do.
Example: I can make a complex weapon parts including silencer which you use the same tools for as to create a screw it was driving me nuts.
Or nuclear material. There is a glowing fungus that grows everywhere that is definitely radioactive so there is no reason for me not to cook that thing until I get a substance that can be applied the same way as the nuclear material from clock.
Cork that is basically a wood that you add some glue to. Granted it is a special kind of wood, but hey do you have any idea what kind of trees are you scrapping? It could be cork.
Ad so on.

So having extensive modding experience from previous Bethesda games I fired up the FO4Edit and made this in less then one minute, saving me hours in game.

I am open to suggestions, if you have something you want to add and makes no reason not to have it let me know, I will add it.

What does this do?

Simple crafting mod that will impressively allow you  to craft gear screw spring nuclear material cork in cooking station under utilities
1 steel for 10 springs
1 steel for 10 screws
1 steel for 5 gears
3 glowing fungus and purified water to create nuclear material
1 adhesive, 1 purified water and 1 wood for cork

Version 1.0 - wrong file was uploaded.
Version 1.1 is fixed now. 

To do:
Add more recipes if you or I feel they should've been there already and once the G.E.C.K will be out I will redo it.

Why did you do this in cooking station and not in any other station:
Simplest to create a recipe for and also I can't see any possible future conflicts or problems occurring this way. I may change it once the G.E.C.K will be out.

Bethesda for making and awesome-ish game. But don't worry we will fix it for u ;)
FO4Edit team, love u guys keep up the good work!!!