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In addition to healing your HP, the Ghoulish perk now makes you able to absorb (heal) Radiation damage over time, improving in rate with each rank

Permissions and credits
Conflicts with the Nuka-World DLC
Bethesda added a fourth rank to Ghoulish which adds...
...a rad healing effect

However, fellow modder 2034 has helpfully made a Nuka-World patch



Like many I think, I found the Ghoulish perk a bit lacklustre to say the least, then I noticed Truly Ghoulish by jasonmbrady that adds Rad Removal of 1000 to the Ghoulish perk at rank 1, I thought great someone's finally fixed it. Now while Truly Ghoulish is a step in the right direction, in my opinion completely removing all radiation risk at rank 1 was too much, you could make radiation almost completely pointless from the very start of the game.

So... I made my own version instead. You absorb/heal 10 rads per sec at rank 1, 30/s at rank 2 and a massive 1000/s at rank 3 (you do have to be level 48 after all).

And to balance it (slightly) I halved the HP healing effect.


I've now added three optional versions:
  • vanilla health regen, rad absorption: 10/s @ rank 1, 30/s @ rank 2 and 50/s @ rank 3

  • vanilla health regen, rad absorption: 1/s @ rank 1, 5/s @ rank 2 and 10/s @ rank 3

  • vanilla health regen, rad absorption: 1/s @ rank 1, 10/s @ rank 2 and 50/s @ rank 3


Only install one file — the main download or one of the optionals, there's just the one plugin/ESP and the two optional downloads include the same ESP but with different settings.


If you've already taken the Ghoulish perk, you might have to remove rank 1 and re-add it with the console:
  • Player.RemovePerk 4D89E
  • Player.AddPerk 4D89E


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How to Change Map Icon Colors



As there were no official tools for Fallout 4 when I first made this mod, these plugins/ESPs were made in FO4Edit

So, use at your own risk!