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This is a small mod to create a dog bed for Dogmeat as a new item.

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I wanted a dog bed that looked better inside my house so Dogmeat wasn't stuck outside.

This is a small mod to do that.  It creates a dog bed for Dogmeat as a new item (It can be found in the Workshop mode under Decorations - Miscellaneous next to the dog house).  It works exactly like the dog house, Dogmeat will hangout here if you build him one at the settlement you sent him to. It does not affect the existing dog house in any way. If you have a bed and a dog house he will randomly decide which one to stay at.

Now with Optional dirty textures (add these after you install the base mod for a more immersive dog bed)

DONE! Add new textures or model for the bed. 
   V1.2 added a dog sized model.
   V1.3 added new textures.

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Load Order:

This is a standalone mod and can be placed wherever you feel like it in your load order.
Mods to the default mattress textures will affect the old versions of this mod.
You only need to worry about conflicts if you change how Dogmeat's dog house works.

This is a FO4Edit mod.
Nifscope 2.0.0 Pre-alpha was used to create the new model from the default mattress.
GIMP 2.8 for texture editing.