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Damage of all weapons scaled using real life bullet muzzle energy value for ballistic weapons, kiloton (TNT equivalent) value for explosives and energy output (Wattage) for energy weapons.

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Name: Full Weapon Rebalance


Damage of all weapons scaled using real life bullet muzzle energy value for ballistic weapons, kiloton (TNT equivalent) value for explosives and energy output (Wattage) for energy weapons. Rate of fire was scaled to values of real life weapon equivalent when possible. Weapon modifications altered so they make more sense, ie. barrel length impacts muzzle velocity and thus weapon damage, muzzles don't reduce range or increase accuracy, etc.

The purpose of this mod is to put some logic in weapon damage. The estimated damage values are not some arbitrary numbers that might looks nice, instead they have all been calculated based on real life values for ammunition weight, muzzle velocities for corresponding barrel length (weapon mods) and muzzle energy. Some simplifications have been made, ie. for models that weren't based on real-life weapons I don't know exactly what the barrel lenght is, I'm making an estimation based on what I see. If you find some of these values out of place from gameplay perspective, keep in mind that this mod's main focus is on immersion. These changes won't ensure that all weapons are a viable option for the whole duration of the game. An upgraded small caliber pistol won't be able to compete with anti-materiel rifle loaded with .50 caliber rounds. This stuff can punch through brick walls, concrete blocks and 1 inch or hardened steel. An upgraded pipe pistol won't be ever able to outperform a minigun in per bullet damage. High rate of fire doesn't magically decrease per bullet energy delivered to target.

This of course also means that while it might become easier for you to kill enemies, an enemy wielding a high caliber weapon will also be more dangerous to you. When you see a sentry bot with a minigun in one hand and a missile launcher in another you don't want to exchange fire, you want it destroyed immediately.

I've seen plenty of difficulty mods for Fallout 4 and tried out a couple of them for my playthrough. Most of them involve increasing damage multiplier while keeping the original weapon damage values. The nasty side effect for that is that not only gun wielding opponents become more dangerous, but suddenly also ghouls, bloatflies, molerats, etc. are able to tear you apart when you're inside a power armor.


Ammo Scaling

.38 ammo, the ammo that delivers least amount of energy was chosen as the base for all damage values. If, say .45 bullet has twice as much muzzle energy as .38 and .38 has a default damage value of 13, then .45 damage should be doubled.

Damage for Mini Nuke assumes that it contains 180 grams of explosive material, an amount equal to what a hand grenade contains. The smallest known nuclear bomb I could find weighs 45kg and has a yield of 0.19 kiloton of TNT. Assuming that yield scales 1 to 1 with weight (it doesn't, but that shouldn't matter for the game purpouse, as the damage value is an overkill anyway), a 180 gram bomb should have deal more than 110 million damage. Well, you shouldn't be able to survive a nuclear explosion, being inside a powered mobile armored personnel carrier suit or not.

Rocket damage adds hand grenade explosion damage to a 4.3kg projectile flying 220m/s. That's over 24 thousand damage. Overkill? Should a deathclaw survive it? Well, for gameplay purposes, it could. For immersion? What could you compare it to in real life? A raging, charging rhinoceros? Would a rhino survive a rocket to the face? Would a tank survive a rocket?

For energy weapons the base from which everything scales is a regular laser rifle. A 2000W laser, if we simplify calculation, would deliver 2000J of energy during a one second pulse. That would be, again if we simplify things, an equivalent of 1475 ft/lb of muzzle energy.

Weapon damage "Before Dmg Mods" is the base damage with default barrel, standard receiver and no damage boosting muzzles. Max damage weapon is a damage of maximally upgraded weapon. In case of double values, like "21/81" it's a max damage of weapon with same ammunition and damage with different ammo type receiver.

Rate of fire of Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle and Minigun was changed to their real life equivalents. Combat Rifle is treated as rechambered automatic combat shotgun. Gatling laser is based on ballistic minigun. 10mm pistol rate of fire falls in range of real-life automatic pistols. Other weapons have vanilla values.

Weapon damage for non-equippable enemy weapons, like Protectron laser,  Machinegun Turret, etc were changed accordingly using the same rules.

Damage bonus for ballistic weapons was largely moved from receivers to barrels. Multipliers are based on the muzzle energies for different barrel lengths. Receivers' damage bonuses are kept at minimal values - either 5% or 10%. Unfortunately I couldn't remove damage bonuses from receivers completely without making some of them useless. What's most important is that automatic receivers don't decrease damage anymore. No, changing weapon from semi to full auto doesn't magically decrease bullet's stopping power. Now your choice between semi and full auto will be based on ammo conservation and how much precision and accuracy you'll want while shooting.

A list of changes to ballistic weapon mods:
  • changing barrel length changes weapon damage
  • muzzles and bayonetes don't decrease weapon range
  • receivers mainly change rate of fire
  • receivers' impact on damage is minimized, there are no negative values - damage debuffs
  • receivers don't affect weapon's accuracy and recoil

Recommended mods:

Mods that go well with this one
  • Better Locational Damage by Zzyxzz
    Changes damage multipliers to bodyparts, so headshots hurt more and limb damage less. Also normalizes health for enemies so there are no situations where you have a 100HP raider and a 1500HP raider "general". No, human is human and he doesn't get more spongier unless he wears armor.
  • Arbitration by JackArbiter
    I especially like AI fixes, reload speed and movement tweak.
  • Fallout 4 Loot Overhaul by DarthSith
    Instead of 10 tons of garbage you find but a ton of garbage. Also less ammo, which helps with FWR since you'll be killing enemies faster, so less ammo is used. Personally I use version 0.95.


This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes weapon data, explosion and to a limited degree receiver weapon modifications.


1. Download with NMM
2. Activate the mod
3. Done! It's time to stand around and do nothing!

If you go for more difficult option with manual installation, then I guess you must know already how to install mods.


Compatibility fix for HP scaling for Better Locational Damage mod with FWR values.
Changes Player's HP equation: 80 + ( Endurance * X ) + ( Level - 1 ) x ( Endurance / 2 + Y ):
Vanilla : X = 5, Y = 2.5
Better Locational Damage : X = 0.5, Y = -0.25
FWR : X = 5, Y = 0

Enemy HP per level bonus:
Vanilla = 5
Better Locational Damage = 1.5
FWR = 2.5 --> same bonus as player with 5 Endurance

Compatibility for various standalone weapons:

Tools Used:

Mod was created using FO4Edit.