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Small tweaks to improve how mirrors look ingame.

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Have you ever felt that mirrors, or what's left of them, don't look very reflective or mirror-like?
During my last playthrough it bothered me a lot that all the bathroom mirrors in subways, hospitals and wherever else would look dull and lifeless gray with nary an ounce of reflection. Now, it's impossible to make the mirrors work for real, but making this mod was a fun exercise to attempt to fix something that has been bugging me for quite while; while also letting me learn about how Fallout modding differs from Skyrim.

[What does the mod do?]
I've tweaked the mirror material files a little to enable Screen Space Reflections and added a fairly strong cubemap reflection effect. Additionally I've tweaked the specular textures a little to facilitate a more reflective surface. In gameplay this translates to mirrors looking a bit less dusty and more reflective and shiny ingame. Don't point a flashlight at them unless you want to blind yourself! :)

A modern Enb can make the mirrors look that much better. My screenshots use Reactor ENB and ELFX.


Shouldn't break anyone's game. For this mod to work, you'll want its files to override files from other mods. Should be partially compatible with any texture replacers, I only edit specular maps, thus majority of textures that actually affect how mirrors look (colours, normal maps) aren't impacted.

Luxor's Vechicle SSR mod for inspiration
Ousnius' Material Editor ´╗┐for making editing material files easy.


As this is my first Fallout mod, I'm not completely familiar with how the materials and texture conventions work.
So it's quite possible that there is room for improvement that I don't know how to achieve yet.