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Changes power armor names when BoS Paint is applied.Now with ESL options!

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Nothing to warn about.

This mod is just a quick fix for something that annoyed me since the first time I got a BoS paint job for the T-60.

This is a simple mod made with FO4Edit that changes what name appears when applying BoS paint to Power Armor.

BOS I > BOS Initiate
BOS II > BOS Knight
BOS III > BOS Knight Sergeant
BOS IV > BOS Knight Captain
BOS V > BOS Paladin
BOS VI > BOS Sentinel

To get the names to show, place below any mod that affects the T-60 PA.

What this mod doesn't do is add in the BoS Initiate or BoS Knight Captain paint for player use. Still have to get the rest of the paint jobs the same way.

Only way I know to get all the paints is through console codes.

NEW: Added ESL versions!

Use NMM or your favorite Mod Manager.  
Manual install and uninstall is not recommended

Not compatible with any mods that modify Power Armor Naming Rule with the following exections:
-Optional compatiblility with VIS. Just select the version you want during install.

I will add some at a later date.

Will you enable the BoS paints for all Power Armor models?
No, I won't. I may make this compatible with a mod that does though, if it's not compatile by default.

Will you unlock all the paint jobs?
Nope, but there are mods out there that do.

Possible compatibility with other sorting mods. Other than that, this mod is "finished."

Do not upload this mod anywhere. If I want it on Bethesda.net, I'll put it there myself.

Author of VIS and the xEdit team! I will expand upon this later.

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Fallout New Vegas:

Fallout 3:

Fallout: A Tale of Two Wastelands:

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