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This mod is very simple. Most likely there won't be new meshes, but I haven't decided yet. This mod will allow you to use a base weapon and craft an enhanced version. The Enhanced version will allow you to do better stuff. You will create these enhanced versions in the weaponsmith workbench from my framework mod.

Permissions and credits
What does this mod do?
Allows you to create enhanced versions of weapons that allows you to make the weapons better.

My framework mod.

Because the vanilla weapons can be improved.

There so many mod that does this, why did you do this?
Because I want something lightweight, lore-friendly (Vanilla assets), and I can make it how I want to without the need to make a patch.

What's in the mod so far?
The weapons that's done:
Enhanced Laser Musket
Enhanced Submachine gun
Enhanced Revolver
Enhanced Combat rifle