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This is how you get the Fallout 4 data menu like the one in Skyrim's launcher.

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After the Patch 1.2 is method has become redundant. It no longer works! GG Bethesda.

I don't really know how to let a lot of people know of this so I decided to make a tutorial file on Nexus to get more eyes on.

Fallout 4 has a data file managing menu like previous Bethesda's games, it's just hidden, in an unusual place in fact.

If you click below the Power Armor's left eye in the launcher, the data menu will pops up.
And from my testings, it works just like Skyrim's. So now you don't need to mess with the plugin.txt while modding.

You need to have "bEnableFileSelection=1" under "[Launcher]"  in FalloutPrefs.ini to make it work.