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Copies the recipes designed for Mirelurk Eggs with Nukalurk Egg equivalents where applicable to fix an oversight by a UF4OP bugfix.

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I'm officially declaring this mod obsolete if you have UFO4P 2.1.6 or newer, as the change made to the eggs were reverted in that version, rendering this mod pointless. If you have an existing playthrough and upgraded to 2.1.6, the egg items are still present in your save, along with the recipes if you have this mod installed when you upgraded. For new playthroughs, this mod is retired, thank you for your time and consideration.


Community Fixes Merged 2.3.1 and newer applies the change:
Nukalurk Egg clutches no longer contain UFO4P's Nukalurk Eggs that are unusable in crafting, and instead produce regular Mirelurk Eggs.
1.2 adds an override to restore the behavior to allow for the user to choose if they prefer it reverted or not if they install CFM. As a result users using my mod just need to make sure the mod here is later in the load order than CFM. The healing values were reverted to match vanilla. If you preferred the higher values, change them yourself with FO4Edit!

XB1 handy link for those playing on it, PC users should get the version here.

This is a standalone mod intended to fix a relatively simple oversight.

First, to understand why this is occurring in the first place, consider the following:

Quoting the Fallout wiki:
At least 40 mirelurk eggs named "Nukalurk eggs" can be found in the World of Refreshment and in the Nuka-Cola bottling plant. Upon picking them up, their name will change to "mirelurk egg."

The base version of the game is technically correct here as the item obtained is the one the game's recipes expect.

The problem, well, sort of, as far as UF4OP's involvement is concerned.
The relevant changelog line is:
Nukalurk Eggs (DLC04_NukalurkEgg_Harvestable) were not generating the correct type of ingestible egg because no such object had been created. They were instead substituting Mirelurk Eggs. (Bug #27393)

As per the original bug's commentary in the tracker, the dev in question wasn't sure if the recipe expansion is something that's within the purview of the unofficial patch. The fix itself was to create a new version of the egg with the correct name, which by itself is fine. One just cannot do anything with the newly added eggs then, so this is what the mod aims to fix.

With the exception of the DLC05 added machines Food Processor and Pitching Machine, this mod adds alternate recipes for the food and craftables that required the Mirelurk Eggs. There's even an alternate Nukalurk cage, but as of current (as this was thrown together in an hour or so), it will only attract the usual kind of Mirelurk. In 1.1, the cage was deleted as it doesn't provide any sort of unique benefit and it goes beyond the specification of the mod.

Also, for those wondering about the UI, it's a color customized version of FallUI. This mod has no special sorting tags, use existing tools to add them.