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Adds the 3 round burst (1000rpm) from the burst fire framework to ECO firemode selection. Works pre and post v3.00

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TLDR: Make guns go pew pew pew, no need patches.

Works with npc's too.

Thanks too DankRaffft for ECO and T6M for theys burst fire framework


Download and endorse ECO

Download and endorse BFF

Download this esp (pick one). Load it after ECO and BFF. Add burst via any weapon workbench to your vanilla and modded guns, dont need patches. The end.

Note about 3 main files (Only pick one)

The standard ecoburst file does not have the fire selector hotkey functionality. You will only be able to quick toggle between Semi and Auto.

Due to the way the ECO hotkey fire mode switch is coded it currently only supports 2 firing modes so I set two options for you to try.

The ecoburst with selector file Semi and Burst (changes to hold type burst)

The ecoburst with selector file Auto and Burst (remains 1 click burst) I also increased the burst rpm as it felt better in game.

ECO menu and fire selector