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Who wants to eat sickly looking crops when you can have lush fruits and veggies?

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Lush Crops

You didn't pick random settlers to farm in your settlements, did you? Of course not! You chose the ones with green thumbs (not to be confused with green thumb mutations). A wasteland survivor's gotta eat. Who wants to eat sickly looking crops when you can have lush fruits and veggies?

Here are some new textures for some of the settlement crops. So far, these include carrots, corn, melons and mutfruit. 

Keep in mind that if you are using a Reshade or ENB preset, the colors may vary. I did not use any Reshades for the screenshots. 


NMM Installation- Click the button!

Manual installation: Drop the "textures" folder into the "data" folder in your main Fallout 4 directory
(usually in SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4 ).

Info on getting mods to work in Fallout 4: Fallout 4 Mod Installation

--If you don't see the new crops when you load your game, quick travel to another location and then quick travel back.
--If there's a particular texture you prefer not to use, you can delete it in  data\textures\landscape\plants
The files are listed below under uninstall.

To uninstall:

Use NMM.


Manually: remove the following files from data\textures\landscape\plants:

== Author's note: I only publish mods on NexusMods- if you see it anywhere else, it has been stolen.

Please, don't upload my Lush Crops mod on another site without my permission. ==

Mods used in my screenshots:
A Little Bit of Green by Stephanie Young and Ciprriano/uploaded by dragonalex155
Homemaker by NovaCoru
No Dead Leaves in Sanctuary by Ciprriano
No More Ugly Things by Sompari
OCDecorator by mcface
Bob Ross Happy Little Paintings by Jomla97    <--yes, I put some paintings on the outside of my house
Vogue ENB-Vibrant version by FrostofHeaven   <--Vibrant Reshade temporarily disabled for screenshots