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A repository for patches and LOD specific to Life in the Ruins

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From the author of Creative Perks Plus, a Fallout 4 modlist for a survival playthrough without the grind, based on Lunar Fallout Overhaul and Sim Settlements 2. Designed to deepen and enhance the existing game, without straying too far from the vanilla asthetic. Requires wabbajack - https://www.wabbajack.org/#/

Modlist Goals
  • RPG Balance, Scaling, and Progression - brought to you by Lunar Fallout Overhaul
  • Survival Mechanics, with non-survival damage levels and balance (uses a custom mod to change damage modifier back to normal without disabling survival mechanics)
  • A vibrant, forested, inhabited, but still uncivilised wasteland. Neglected areas should feel fleshed out, but still match the vanilla aesthetic
  • Increased variety in Creatures, Weapons and Armors by mods that add variety to existing content (attachments and alt skins), rather than mods that add a ton of new unbalanced items and monsters
  • Extra high-quality content with the same style and tone as vanilla (no pointlessly skimpy outfits, no tacti-cool weapons)
  • Full controller support (no extra configuration required)
  • Smooth performance on mid-range gaming hardware

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