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This mod simply replaces the gunshot sound for Utherien's Remington 700 mod.

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Thank you so much to Utherien for giving me permission to make this edit.

This mod makes the R700 sound cool and stuff

The normal R700 sound was a little too YouTubey for me, so I made my own.
but mr. savid, why are the rechamber sounds so quiet?

The bolt sounds in the video are from a different mod, which I forgot I had installed and have updated files to make sure are not included in this mod. If you would like to use them together, download Remington 700 - Sound Overhaul by Zelta Softworks and Neto, and then overwrite the firing sounds with mine. You should also get Louder Guns, as without it the rechambering sounds are very loud in that mod. In the video I have modified these sounds in order to alleviate this but, when combined with Louder Guns, actually makes them a bit too quiet. With Louder Guns, you should be able to run them at default volume and not have them be louder than the gun itself. If you have downloaded the previous file which contained the rechamber sounds from the Sound Overhaul mod, please know that they were included by mistake and you should not attempt to distribute them, as both my mod and the Sound Overhaul mod prohibit this in permissions. I will, however, say that the sounds from that mod are already just pulled from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.