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Labels all radiant quests as such in the quest menu.

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To everyone who has used an older version of the mod or has had problems with radiant quest completion, I'm very sorry. Some issues with using this mod have been known for a while. I've been away from Nexus all year long, and now that I've got a bit of free time I plan on creating this mod from scratch so that it works as intended without any issues, and on finding a way to fix your saves that are having issues.

For now I would not use the mod until I update the files. I apologize for the trouble you've had and I will update the description and files when I get some time and fix the mod. Thank you.


Go here. Kill this. Clear there. Collect these.
Wouldn't it be nice if those repeatable, radiant quests were marked as such? I think so too.

***Important Update: Radiant quests related to settlements, like Minutemen Recruitment and BOS Feeding the Troops, have been removed from this mod. When GECK is released they can be added again. New versions of the mod are up in the files section.

Change Log

Initial Version
There is now an optional file that adds the tag [R] to radiant quests instead of the tag *Radiant*. You can find this under optional files.
    UPDATE(12/18/15): There is now an optional file that moves the radiant quests to the Misc. section in the quest menu (thanks vram1974). It will not work with other All Radiant Quests Marked files. You can find this under optional files.
 Versions All Radiant Quests Marked 1.1 and All Radiant Quests Marked Alternate Version 1.1 have been uploaded. 17 problematic quests relating to settlements have been removed. Will be re added upon GECK release.

What this mod does

This mod adds a Radiant tag in the front of all radiant quests for extra clarity in the Pip-Boy quest menu.


I don't care for radiant quests. Fallout 4 doesn't have nearly as many as Skyrim, but they are still very present. Clearly marking them as radiant quests helps me while using the quest menu. It also helps me notice when I start a new radiant quest, in case I want to load a save to avoid it. Hopefully you will find it useful as well.

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If you're annoyed by the animations in the quest log, check out Quest Summary by Default by Khaomaat to replace all quest animations with their descriptions.

Installing this mod

To install with NMM simply click the Download with Manager Button.

For manual installation download the .zip file. Unzip the file, copy the .esp file inside and paste the .esp into your Fallout 4 Data folder (Default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data).


This mod should be compatible with all other mods that don't change the names of quests.

Unable to complete quests

If you are using either All Radiant Quests Marked 1.0 or All Radiant Quests Marked Alternate Version 1.0 you may find that you cannot complete quests relating to settlements. Either disable the mod or update to version 1.1 and you should be able to complete those quests. 
(Note that these quests will no longer be marked as radiant until the GECK is released).

Missing quests

If there are any radiant quests that you discover are missing the *Radiant* or [R] tag, please message me or post here and I will quickly add them to the mod.

About this mod

This mod was created with FO4Edit.

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