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Replaces the Bethesda intro video with the Nexus Mods animated intro.

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This mod provides an alternative intro video which uses the animated Nexus Mods intro sequence from YouTube. This mod is primarily intended to serve as an example for tutorial purposes.

Unlike other intro replacers, this has been implemented differently. The mod includes Nexus Mods Intro.esp which must be enabled in your load order to ensure the video plays. This is because when the plugin is enabled, the game will load settings from the included Nexus Mods Intro.ini file to override the game defaults (in both Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Custom.ini). The plugin is marked as light to avoid taking up a load order slot. 

If you'd like to use this video without the plugin, you can either rename the file at "Video/Nexus Mods Intro.bk2" to "Video/GameIntro_V3_B.bk2" or change your Fallout4.ini or Fallout4Custom.ini to include "sIntroVideo=Nexus Mods Intro.bk2" under "[General]". 

This mod is compatible with Fallout 4 on both Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC. 


  1. Download with a mod manager (Vortex is recommended) or extract the contents of the archive to the Fallout 4/Data folder. 
  2. Ensure Nexus Mods Intro.esp is enabled in your load order.
  3. Start the game.