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The featured BoS addon for Conqueror has been taken down by its author. This is a simple pack that introduces the Brotherhood of Steel to Conqueror once again, as a liberator faction. Made using the step-by-step SS:C faction tutorial by Kinggath.

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Requires Version or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

The featured BoS addon for Conqueror has been taken down by its author. This is a simple pack that introduces the Brotherhood of Steel to Conqueror once again, as a liberator faction. made using the step-by-step SS:C faction addon tutorial by Kinggath.

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes
Soundscape: Yes
Armory Equipment Support: Yes
Special Units: No

Additional Info
  • > Doesn't modify any assets so it should be generally conflict-free.
  • > Associates itself with vanilla BoS faction, so it may cause problems with other Conqueror faction addons which try and do the same. Going hostile with the Brotherhood (by killing a named vanilla BoS NPC) may also affect your relation with the addon faction.
  • > Uses its own leveled lists for armor to give your soldiers more variety. It does give them kind of a "Waster Deco" look in their default equipment but I did try to stick to clean-ish stuff to keep them looking professional. Armory buildings will standardize and improve their loadouts.
  • > Decorations consist of scrap metal and flags.
  • > You can switch this faction to be a "Conqueror" type with xedit(F04edit). Go to Misc.Item/mac92Conq_FactionControlData_SBoS and change the value of iFactionType to 1.
  • > The faction is available from game start, which may break your immersion a little. To be fair, the Brotherhood did supposedly send plenty of recon teams into the Commonwealth before its grand entrance. As for you using them, I'd suggest you decide for yourself when you're going to make them available to you; probably after the conclusion of Call to Arms, Shadow of Steel, or Semper Invicta. I don't want to take away the option for a player to roleplay a reason why they might start building up the Brotherhood before that. Warning: your soldiers will bully you in their random voice lines before you join up officially, so prepare to have your feelings hurt.
  • > I tested the faction with console for a few hours. It works, but there may still be a few problems in there. Feel free to complain and I'll try to address any issues.
  • > Your basic recruits don't spawn with power armor, but the basic settlers in your BoS outposts have been overridden to be power armored recruits (the ones created by recruitment radio beacons.) For balance purposes, the power armor they spawn with is a weaker, unmoddable "prototype" version of T-60 Power Armor.
  • > Player Army soldiers have a x2 damage bonus with miniguns and they won't wear down power armor.
  • > Minor Resources: Energy Grenades/Mines and Combat Armor pieces.
  • > Major Resources: Power Armor Pieces, Energy Weapons, Big Guns, and Fusion Cores.

  • Version 1.1
  • > Added equipment loadouts for the armory building.
  • > Switched basic recruit loadouts to only use laser and 10mm pistols.
  • > Overrode basic settlers in BOS outposts to be Power Armored Recruits
  • > Created custom NPCArmy units (the non-player-army units that attack, conquer, and guard settlements in Conqueror.) Tiers are Soldier, Knight, Paladin, and Star Paladin. Gave them more *interesting* weapon loadouts. Heavy units will spawn with power armor.
  • > Made a quick-and-dirty nerfed power armor set: T59. 1/8 the value and 1/2 the DR of T60. Should always spawn with initiate paint. Unmoddable. Applied to PlayerArmy power armored recruits and NPCArmy Tier 1 Heavies.
  • > Made decorations less obtrusive
  • > Probably the last version I'm going to release, unless bugs are reported. SS2:Conqueror is being developed right now (I think) and it should make SS1:Conqueror pretty much obsolete.