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Full edit and fixes for the fantastic Eyes of Beauty mod. All vanilla textures covered, including support for ghouls.

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As featured on FUSION My new Wabbajack mod list.

Part of a set of texture replacements I have lined up that address what I believe to be shortcomings in otherwise great standard FO4 textures.

I have always liked the Eyes of Beauty mod by Lograam. It has in my opinion the best textures that dont look out of place in the game. The only problem was the vanilla replacer version was only covering a handful of eyes and not even touching ghouls so there was an inconsistency between the new assets and the vanilla ones.

I also have a few issues with the vanilla maps that are not covered by the original mod, including:
Flat and blurred normals
overly bright spec map,
weird floating mesh that made characters look like they were about to cry.

**The original Eyes Of Beauty mod also had an error in all the textures causing the corner of the eye to be displayed backwards. This has also been fixed in update 1.1.**

I have rebuilt the normals, spec, environment mask and included a mesh fix by Nyphetta that addresses these shortcomings. I have also gone over the large quantity of eyes that the original mod shipped with and edited the ones that look correct to replace all the vanilla ones in relation to their description. No additional eyes are included in this edit just all the replacements for the vanilla "Eyes" texture folder. 33 textures in total.

The original mods are not required to run this but do please endorse them as it would not have been possible to create this without their assets.

I have uploaded a BA2 version and loose files version. If you want to use the original full version of eyes of beauty and my mod use the loose files version and load it after.
Otherwise it would be best to use the BA2 version.