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Cleans up textures for Sanctuary player home and buildings around it.

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Sanctuary is beautiful, but unfortunately time and environment weren't kind to it. This mod aims to alleviate that (and poor Codsworth's heartache) by giving the floors, walls and ceilings a little scrub. Mostly in interiors, but on exteriors to some extent too.

Alas, you can only do so much about nuclear rust with white paint and a pile of Abraxo Cleaner, so nothing is pristine or flawless. Though even if the effect isn't perfect, all houses in Sanctuary now look cleaner and worthy of living in. No cell edits, just texture replacement.


How to install:

Unpack the archive's content into Fallout 4 directory

How to uninstall:

Remove related files from your Data folder.

Or just use NMM


Stuff in in screenshots came from Homemaker, OCDecoratorSnap'n Build - GreenhousePatch Job - Fill Those Holes, Sanctuary - No Trash And Leaf Piles. Check out those mods if you haven't already, they're absolutely amazing!

For those of you who use Patch Job.
Both, Patch Job and my mod replace "SidingMetalResidentialRubble01_d.DSS" and "CeilingPanelRubble01_d.DSS". If you want my cleaner siding and ceiling panels, let Paint that house overwrite Patch Job's files during installation.