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This experience will provide a complete horror-themed overhaul of Fallout 4. It uses Whispering Hills and Fallout 4-76 Open World at its core with several accompanying mods to completely transform the game into a terrifying and unique survival-horror open exploration experience.

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Skoldire Whispering Chills Playthrough Series

Check out the installation instructions HERE 

All of the information below is supplemental information that will inform and prepare you for this experience.

The file included with this page is not the actual modlist but rather a set
of instructions by which Wabbajack uses to setup and install the
experience.  For instructions on how to actually install this, see the
link above.

Whispering Chills is a horror experience unlike any other.  It is intended to be entirely standalone in that you don't need to enjoy or know how to play Fallout 4 to be able to enjoy it as a horror fan in general.  It is about as "lore-unfriendly" as you can get purely using the engine as a vessel to craft an entirely new experience through a unique combination of mods that enhance/rework its core mechanics and add new content that entirely change its core focus.  Unlike most other Bethesda games where the horror element feels tacked on at best even using mods, the amazing modding community around this game has afforded us the opportunity to overhaul the Fallout 4 experience into an entirely unique other experience.  The core premise revolves around an alternate vision of the Commonwealth where a door to the paranormal dimension has allowed for literal hell on earth to take over and has left very little remains in its wake.  Your ultimate goal and place in this hellscape is for you to decide.  We've stripped away several trademarks of the base game to distinguish this as a standalone experience based in its own universe.  Here are a few highlights of what to expect:

We've tried making the Whispering Chills experience as simple as possible to set up.  Please don't hesitate to ask on the Fallout 4 Experiences Discord server and we will respond as quickly as possible.  All materials (including patches, addons, and even a custom ENB preset) that are necessary in order to craft the intended experience on any PC with the hardware to handle it are included as part of the modlist.  Just follow the directions carefully and you will end up with one of the most stable and FPS-friendly modded Fallout 4 setups you've ever experienced that gives way to an entirely new adventure of which stands apart from any other modded setup you may have already tried.  The setup page includes performance tips for those on lower hardware and the modlist comes with a performance profile that you can enable if you wish to save on FPS.

A great deal of time went into not only curating a list of mods that play well with one another and combine to form a singular, consistent experience but also extending those mods to their full potential and allowing them to interact in unprecedented ways.  The core foundation of this setup can be credited to SKK50 and Mangaclub, the creators of SKK 4-76 Open World and Whispering Hills, respectively.  Without their contributions to the community, such a comprehensive horror setup like this simply would not be possible.  SKK 4-76 Open World is an amazing (and underutilized) mod that shuts down most vanilla quests and removes most vanilla NPC's (all human, ghoul, and synth race NPC's to be exact).  When paired with Whispering Hills properly it allows for the horrors of Silent Hill to take over the Commonwealth in an immersive way that does not involve Vertibirds shredding the skies and Preston bothering you about a settlement every 5 minutes. 

This unique combination makes for an already enthralling experience in and of itself, however you can't simply remove the core of the game without adding something back in.  And so our solution was to take the capabilities of 4-76 Open World a step further and use it to replace removed actors with a custom levelled list of creature options from several mods to be installed in the setup.  Using this unprecedented method we were essentially able to construct our own spawn system pulling in any creatures of our choosing from any mods in this setup in an otherwise unattainable way.  This also afforded us the ability to integrate creatures from another prominent horror mod, Grim, without having to activate its curse feature and potentially losing the core features and identity Whispering Hills introduces by way of the conflicts between them. 

And to round it off we extensively scoured Nexus for and tested several of the very best horror quest/worldspace mods to introduce into the experience in place of the vanilla quests SKK 4-76 Open World would be removing.  We also created patches to "protect" the essential NPC's in these quests as the quests would not work or play out as intended without these patches when running SKK 4-76 Open World.  All in all, these enhancements and many others we brought forth (patches, ENB preset, faction replacements, etc.) in the process of providing as complete an experience as possible coalesce to form the Whispering Chills experience.  

Whispering Chills is all about exploration and choice.  Finding the best path to reach the next destination without running as high a risk of death.  Whispering Chills now includes several mods that will have you exploring the underbelly of the Commonwealth for new ways to get from point A to point B.  Although the confines of a subway tunnel or sewer passageway may feel claustrophobic, it can often serve as a safe reprieve from the overwhelming chaos that ensues above ground (and interiors serve as the only protection from the Otherworld that seeks to claim your life in a shroud of darkness). 

It will be important to utilize the many interiors and settlements/safe spaces added by mods in this setup for time to rest and recharge before continuing your journey as well since the Commonwealth will now prove itself a more imposing threat than ever.  You now have to contend with not only physical threats but the added mechanics of the game's survival difficulty aided by several mods that enhance the survival element of the gameplay.

I am a huge audiophile and I spend more time focusing on the audio aspect of the modding scene than most; I've come to find.  Working alongside the master of F4 audio modding Mortercotic I was able to finalize a soundscape of which is guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up at all times.  You will be left constantly wondering if something is truly lurking around every corner or if you're just hearing things.  Reworked SFX, music, ambient noises, and creature sounds are all featured prominently in this setup alongside a series of patches that work to ensure everything is heard exactly as intended with nothing left behind by way of pesky conflicts.  Although Whispering Chills can be an at times visually stunning experience which is often the focus of many modded setups, the audio aspect is equally as important to me.  So much so that even some of the music you will be hearing as featured in Whispering Hills will be from yours truly!

  • You must own a legal copy of the game plus all of the DLC (either GOTY Edition or Season Pass for all DLC).  This will not work without it.

  • This and any Wabbajack modlist requires a clean install of Fallout 4 with no added/modded files in your game directory.  The installation instructions will go through how to reinstall Fallout 4 as necessary.

  • Follow the install instructions closely as well as all of the information in the After Installing Whispering Chills section which contains vitally important information on setting up the experience after installing it.  The holotapes in particular are an absolute necessity.

  • Do not add custom mods to this unless you are confident the modlist itself is working in full and have a solid background in conflict resolution and patching with xEdit.  This modlist should be fully playable as is and contain everything you need for a full horror experience.  If you have any suggestions or feedback on mods I should consider adding please bring them to my attention in the Posts tab of this page or reach out on the new Fallout 4 Experiences Discord server.

  • This modlist removes all quests and most named NPC's from the game and replaces them with horror-themed quests and characters more fitting for the modded setup.  The intention is for you to wander and explore throughout the commonwealth; searching through areas you otherwise would not have reason to visit when following the traditional questlines of the base game.

  • You must remove/uninstall Bethesda's Official HD Texture Pack DLC when using this or modding in general if you have it.  You should never use the official HD texture pack when modding Fallout 4.  Make sure you have it disabled in Steam.

  • The Game Pass/Microsoft version of Fallout 4 is not supported due to its limitations in modding capabilites.


"Holy f*** this list is terrifying" - KittyFloof

"There's something to be said for folks who can see these mods in their base components and put them all together to create new ideas. And this is a very well thought out and put together modlist." - Blackstrider

"Best horror experience so far with Fallout." - SoBadlyBroken

"I am the more silent type of user but this is really an experience.  It's just a different game but with those scary horror vibes and stable fps EVERYWHERE, you made me enjoy Fallout 4 again." - A2zlackz

"This was awesome!  I'm a huge horror lover, and this really was something I'm still enjoying. Currently on day 72, and I'm trying to see just how long I can last! Easily in my top 3 mod-lists I've done." -Amdar210

"A couple of day ago i get bored of Fallout 4 and then i saw your modlist and GOD I LOVE IT !  You did an impressive work making all those mods working together.  It's the survivor experience I was looking for!" -GabarEl34

"My shrink assures me that I will need no more than a year to fully recover." -psychotic29a

"Everything about this is just amazing!" - Britbane

"This is amazing! I absolutely love this modlist! Everything runs smooth as butter and the game is spooky as hell too.  I was actually getting jumped by the Sinister Ambient Sounds mod, and it really put me on edge." -rennex2