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Replaces all of the scope reticles with a custom made reticles. Includes ACOG, Mil-Dot, PSO-1 and Nightforce MOAR reticle. Other reticles may be added.

Permissions and credits
Modern Scope Reticles
Replaces all scope reticles with custom made reticles
Removes "Hold Breath" button prompt on all versions
Has 16:10 and ultrawide version that removes the scope shadow

Check out my other mod for high-visibility reticules that keep the vanilla design:
Improved Scope Reticules


This mod changes the reticles of the scopes listed below and replaces them with a custom-made reticles. Includes a version, that removes the scope shadows (for those with 16:10 and ultrawide resolutions)

Scopes covered by the mod

Short scope - ACOG
Medium scope - Mil-dot
Long scope - PSO-1
Short night vision scope - ACOG
Medium night vision scope - Nightforce Moar
Long night vision scope - Nightforce Moar

Short recon scope - PSO-1
Long recon scope - PSO-1

Planned additions

Mildot (DONE)
PSO-1 Reticle (DONE)
Nightforce MOAR (DONE)
Other requests


Thanks to proudpolak25 for giving me the idea to make the mod.
Valdacil,whose page formatting I used.
The programs I used were:
GIMP (for preparing the custom reticle .png files)
Inkscape (for converting the .png files into a .svg format)
Freeconverter (for converting the .svg into .swf files)
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler (for editing the scopemenu.swf file itself and importing the new reticles)


This mod will conflict with any other mod that edits the "ScopeMenu.swf" file inside the Fallout 4\Data\Interface folder.

Known Issues
None as of yet, but if you find any, please post in the bugs section.


With NMM (highly recommended): 
1. Download with Nexus Mod Manager and activate.

Without NMM: 
1. Download the file manually.
2. Use your favorite .7z, .zip, .rar program to extract the desired ScopeMenu.swf file into your fallout4 folder and place it into: [...]\steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4\Data\Interface.


With NMM:
1. Deactivate/Uninstall the mod in NMM

Without NMM:
1. Delete the file "ScopeMenu.swf" inside your Fallout 4\Data\Interface folder.