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This mod fixes the settlement Workbench at Boston Airport to allow the full unrestricted Workbench, allows Stores, Plants, Beacon, Special, ect. Also includes a Waterpump replacer that makes food!

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Boston Airport Settlement Workshop Fix! By jdb1776 for Nexus


Greetings Wastelanders! This mod aims to fix an interesting issue I just ran into today, surprisingly I missed it in the first two playthroughs lol! Boston Airport is available as a settlement in the game (I think only if you become aligned with the BoS??), but it’s weird… You cannot plant any food despite there being a little bit of dirt in the back corner, you cannot set up a radio beacon, can’t set up Stores, and cannot really do much of anything there. You might have 1 settler there, the BoS companion, but nothing else is really going on there. Honestly it feels unfinished, like Bethesda meant to finish some things and who knows, maybe the guy that was supposed to code that settlement said screw it or fell asleep for 5 years. For one reason or another, Bethesda stuck a special Workbench just here, it’s a unique Boston Airport Workbench that is missing a bunch of the options! All the other settlements pretty much have the same full workbench, but this one has been limited. 

So what?

So, we want the full proper Workbench right? Because why not? Well, there may be a reason to Beth’s madness, the cell is already really crowded with over 300 references to NPCs and stuff. Starlight has like 20. So maybe why, is that if you built too much here it could really degrade performance and really clutter up the cell even more. Well alright, fair enough, if you’re playing FO4 on a Commodore then you might have real issues if you get to building like crazy. If you’ve got a high end build, you’ll be fine. I did get some FPS drops but nothing bad. 


Most importantly you obv need food! So my first attempt at a fix was to modify the simple Water Pump to produce food… Yeah I know, unrealistic but hey, I couldn’t have the bathtub making food. This works great, and I added a little Happiness bonus too. The Surgery Center has a 30 happiness boost, my modified Water Pump just has 25. Unsatisfied with this, I went back into the code and dug through the 300+ references, found the Workshop, and noticed it was UNIQUE for Boston Airport. Ohhh that’s why some stuff isn’t avail here. So I modified that reference to place a real full Workbench instead of the Boston Airport (limited) Workbench. This works excellent!So I present both options to you in the RAR download. You can do either or both!
Installation and Usage Options:

Option 1.) Drop the NanotechWaterpump_FoodWaterHappy.esp into your /Data folder, activate of course, and load your game and have fun! This replaces ALL instances of the Water Pump with the new Nanotech Waterpump throughout the other settlements too. It is kinda cheat-ey, to be honest, but I really had the limited space of Boston Airport in Mind. 
  • Nanotech Waterpump makes: 25 Water, 25 Food, and 25 Happiness Boost (this seems to be 
an algorithm not just 0-100, so it doesn’t instantly boost your settlement happy by 25 solid points.)

Option 2.) Drop the BostonAirport_WorkshopFix.esp into your /Data folder, activate of course, load up and have fun building with a full Workbench! You can build your Radio Beacon, Plants, Stores, and even the Special items which for me is just the Minutemen artillery cannon. This .esp alone doesn’t do anything else at all, just swaps the limited Workbench with the full one. 

Option 1 and 2.) You can use both, they really are totally separate. This will change ALL instances of the settlement Water Pump to the Nanotech Waterpump which makes 25 water, 25 food, and 25 happy. This will swap the limited Workbench at Boston Airport with the full one. 


Just remove one or both .esp’s from your /Data folder. You might lose the full items you placed, I’m not entirely certain. Anything basic you placed should remain. I’d make a clean save after uninstalling, and then exit and reload that new save. At least that way the game isn’t searching for refs that aren’t there anymore. 

Usage Rights:

Feel free to use this in your own mod, feel free to download it and load it up in FO4Edit to see what I did. If using in your own mod, a small credit would be polite but no big deal. :)

There is a theoretical possibility that Bethesda had a very good reason for putting a limited Workbench here, and using the full one could maybe, possibly, screw something up somewhere sometime. Everything looks okay so far on my end. 


Boston Airport is initially a very boring and unfinished-feeling settlement, it's sad really, and needed fixing. 

You can stick a bunch of the Nanotech Waterpumps over in the back corner of the Boston Airport settlement. This will cover your Food and Water plus give a boost to Happiness.

You can now place Food planters (works great with Homemaker and SSXe), Radio Beacons, Stores, and Special stuff if you've unlocked it. It can place anything that other settlement Workbenches can now.

Happy gaming!
(In images are shown mods Homemaker and SSXe, credits of that work to their respective modders)
jdb1776 for Nexus