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Removes shading -and vignette feeling- from Power Armor 1st person view.
(during rainy weathers too)

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Update history:

1) Clear PA 1st Person view file:

1.1 - now mod works when raining too
1.0 - initial release

2) Clear PA 1st Person view_RAIN file:

1.1 - Fixed one file's installation path (thanks Metalunat1c)
1.0 - rain effects successfully cover all removed Power armor's HUD


1) Clear PA 1st Person view

For users who want their Power Armor's 1st person view crystal clear without the darkening.

Use this unless you prefer playing on 1st person view with PA and feel like wearing soft sunglasses all the time.

Compatible with any HUD mod!!

(haven't see any other mod that that changes ColorBlackUtility.DDS file or CameraAttach_WetArmorView.nif)


2) Clear PA 1st Person view_RAIN (recommended version)

Same as above but for users who don't use mods that change Power armor's dashboard chassis.

(warning: not compatible with mods that change PADashDials01.nif such as Power Armor Hud - No Transparency by Hellstorm102"  but there is no logic using Clear PA 1st Person view_RAIN with such mods as hud is not transparent thus raining effects works as they should,they vanish when they reach PA dashboards' chassis)

Highly recommended to use this mod too : Transparent Power Armor HUD (PA HUD) by 3agent999.

How to Install:

Unpack the archives into your FO4 data folder.


How to uninstall:

1) Clear PA 1st Person view
remove file "\Data\textures\effects\ColorBlackUtility.DDS"
remove file "\Data\meshes\Effects\CameraAttachedFX\CameraAttach_WetArmorView.nif"

2) Clear PA 1st Person view_RAIN
remove file "\Data\textures\effects\ColorBlackUtility.DDS"
remove file "\Data\meshes\Effects\CameraAttachedFX\CameraAttach_WetArmorView.nif"
remove file "\Data\meshes\Effects\Interface\Objects\PADashDials01.nif


You may link my mod as required for your mod(s) without asking, credits would be nice if you please.

I'ts not permitted to upload my file to any other site/forum/community etc.


Game developers

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My other mod:

Power Armor map fix


That's all, enjoy!