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They came from Scherlock Holmes novel to f*%ck some sh$&t up, a retexture/remodelling of the glowing mongerls to look more like the hounds of Baskerville.

Permissions and credits
The Hounds of the Cabots

They came from Scherlock Holmes novel to f*%ck some s**t up, a retexture/remodelling of the glowing mongrels to look more like the hounds of Baskerville... And yeah I know it's a rehash of my Demon Deathclaw mod But hey :D

For fun please open the console and type player.placeatme 0001324dc 1 The red number is what determines the amount of spawning demons.

So as an apology for this 1-note shenedicans I promise to retexture it to violet colour and make DogMeat to look like this when GECK is out (I did tried that already but some effects just can't be applied and the textures look milky in the sun so this need some heavy equipment).


1 Go to your fallout 4 savegame location and open the fallou4 ini file.
2 change the line ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ to ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MESHES\
3 extract the files into your data folder

Updates and Plans

I added a purple re-texture as an optional file. The primary plan for the mod is to turn it into a follower retexture or a stand-alone follower mod when Geck Comes out.

Bugs and issues

Unfortunately Glowing Mongrel models use regular mongrel base texture so regular mongrels will look like bloody zombie-dogs, hope it's cool.

Credits and permits

Mazerius - For the particle Shader of the irradiated burning soil, both red and the future violet one.
The glowing and general texture is mine and you may use them as you please, In Mazerius mod Blue and Red Plasma there is no permission statement, but just to be sure I do not want anyone using it/them without his permission.