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Beautiful Eiffel Tower Paramount Telephone. Replacer and Standalone versions available.

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  • Russian

It won't be over shiny after 200 years. 
And it's not a working telephone. 

So I threw it on the ground!

There're 2 versions
You can choose any one of them or install them all.

Replacer Version

Replaces all the ugly vanilla telephones with the Eiffel Tower Paramount Telephone.

Esp free.

Standalone Version

You can craft your own unique Eiffel Tower Paramount Telephone in the workshop mode (Decoration → Misc)
Or craft it at chemistry workbench (Utility)
The telephone will be static without physics if you craft it in workshop mode.

Standalone version won't replace vanilla telephones.
Standalone version has a esl flagged esp that will not takes up your 255 load limit.

Game engine sometimes fails to load cubemaps. This will make the metal tarnish.
This is a vanilla game bug. Please try to fix it with this mod.

Original model and textures by nika.tendetnik
Under CC4.0 license.
I port the file format, added physics and adjusted the texuture and meshes to fit Fallout 4 game engine and renderer.

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