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Wasteland Workshop Neon Letters - Decoupled from their workshop behaviors, for use in cells created in the Creation Kit.

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Unpowered Neon Letters

Unpowered Neon Letters gives modders an already set up version of the Wasteland Workshop Neon Letters Kit for use in creating levels in the Creation Kit. In vanilla these letters are set up specifically for the workshop system, which means they're broken when you place them in levels through the creation kit, this modder's resource provides new meshes that are decoupled from workshop behaviors.

Required Files

  • Wasteland Workshop DLC - Neon Light Assets come from this DLC, and this modders resource will not function without it.

How to Use

This file is not meant for standalone use, and I have no plans on setting it up with settlement building (why would you want that anyways.)

After loading the esm in with your mod in the creation kit, you can find the Neon Light Letters in the object window under Activators after filtering to "EGMRNeonLight".

Finding the neon lights.

You may merge this plugin into yours to reduce the number of plugins the engine needs to load. It is recommended to also archive the neon letter nifs included with this resource with your other files.


Recently I was playing around in the Creation Kit, making some locations to practice using the different kit peices. I wanted to build a neon sign as a way to advertise a building I had put in. When I had used the Wasteland Workshop letters and jumped in game I was bummed to find out that they were off. my first assumption was that they were unpowered, and I was correct! However, I couldn't find any quick options to easily power them, and as I was looking for answers online I came accross this forum post.

After following the directions I had a full set of neon lights I could do whatever I wanted with in the Creation Kit. Since I had looked previously and hadn't found a modder's resource doing the same thing, I figured I'd upload my files to hopefully save a few people some time.