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Enhance the Show No Mercy quest. Fight with the Brotherhood in battle to take back Fort Strong from entrenched Super Mutants. After, work with a unique voiced companion to build a settlement.

Permissions and credits
Show No Mercy - Fort Strong Expanded  builds upon the inspiring mod from DocOnHoliday, Fort Stronger. 

Super Mutant Encampments
Brotherhood of Steel Forces and Cleanup
Full Exterior Settlement
Restricted Interior Workshop
Private Interior Player Room
Custom Voiced Companion (No affinity system)

In the vanilla game, there are minimal signs of Super Mutant infestation at Fort Strong. No military barricades overgrown with Super Mutant debris, either on the island or the annex on the mainland.  And minimal signs of change from the Brotherhood reclamation afterwards. The impact of your first mission as a Knight felt lacking.

Combining the lack of impact on the world contrasted by the frequent comments about the epic battle at Fort Strong by random Brotherhood members, causes a jarring association with this quest event. After the fiftieth time Travis mentions Fort Strong, it starts to become ridiculous. That's not acceptable. Your introduction to the Brotherhood should not be reduced to a joke on the radio or an embarrassing comment tossed at you as you pass by your fellow soldiers.

Now you can fight along side Brotherhood Knights in Power Armor while Vertibirds fly overhead, in a setting that looks like Super Mutants have been there for some time. But beware, by adding more Brotherhood forces you can expect their presence to awaken an equal amount of Super Mutants of all kinds.

After cleaning out the Super Mutants, the Fort is staffed with an detachment of soldiers.  With most of the debris cleared, a functional exterior settlement and helipad becomes available for you to support the Brotherhood efforts at the fort. And in order to ensure your success of the mission at Fort Strong, Elder Maxon has dispatched a special Star Paladin, who will introduce herself as an eligible companion and steward of the fort while not traveling with you.