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Use a craftable hacking transmitter to hack any active Protectron into a workshop assignable settler. There are ~100 working Protectrons in the base game to own and cherish. Collect them all !

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Use a craftable hacking transmitter to hack any active Protectron into a workshop assignable settler. There are ~100 working Protectrons in the base game to own and cherish. Collect them all !

This is a standalone recruiting system for COMMONWEALTH of DECAY.

(1) Craft [ Protectron Hack Transmitter ] at Chemlab/Utility (Circuits, Crystal, FusionCell).

(2) Equip the [ Protectron Hack Transmitter ] from weapon inventory which uses the grenade slot to detect the nearest valid Protectron and assign to any owned workshop. Protectrons can be active, unconscious or dormant in their pods. Hacking a pod Protectron could upset quest triggers, so best to wake them with their terminal first if you are still doing quests. If you fluff the workshop menu after hacking, talking will restart recruitment. After recruitment the usual settler trade dialog is enabled.

(3) Protectron settlers count for population so can be assigned to and produce resources; defense, scavenge and farming. As they don't have farming idles they stop in place if assigned to flora. Idle Handy Farmers does not work with Protectron race which were designed for enforcement, not digging. 

(4) Drop the transmitter on the ground to pop a configuration menu:

     Transmitter Range [ *1024 | 2048 | 4096 ] game units  

     Transmitters are [ *Reusable | Single Use ] 

     Protectron recovery [ *Protected  | Mortal ]

     Scale health at 100 plus [ *Off  | @5  | @10 ] per player level at the time of hacking.

Console commands

set SKK_HackProtectronTxRange to 1024  ; value 128 to 10240.
set SKK_HackProtectronTxConsume to 0   ; 0 reusable, 1 single use.
set SKK_HackProtectronRecovery to 1    ; 0 mortal 1 protected.
set SKK_HackProtectronScaleHealth to 0 ; [ 0 | 5 | 10 ] 0 off else value per player level at hack. 


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts which means that it has no load order dependencies. It can be installed at any time in any stable game.

As this was published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later).

Known issues and considerations

Nothing yet.

PC manual installation & disable

As this makes no changes to the base game it can be installed at any time in any game stage and has no load order considerations.

Copy SKKHackProtectronSettlers.esp and SKKHackProtectronSettlers – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, Plugins.txt, mod manger or whatever. As it adds new inventory items, best not to remove it from a save unless there are none left undeployed and any tools are scrapped. As always removing mods is totally your own risk (I don't).

FAQ & Trivia 

(1) Can I have an ESL ? Yes you can ESL flag the ESP.

(2) Why Protectrons ? Commonwealth of Decay Nightmare! mode will not use DLC01 Automatrons as they are just too OP. The survivor will need uninfectable support, base game Handy and Protectron robots are perfect.

(3) If you understand the technical dependency on WorkshopNPCScript and how it is not possible to attach actor scripts without hacking base actor forms, can 'ya figure out how this works without decompiling the script PEX and peeking ?

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need help,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8