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If the rusty metals (although fitting) displease you, you might like this!

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This is my first mod to publish here (and my second one to have made), initially I only created it for personal use but since I haven't seen an other one like it here, I might as well make it public for the Nexus to use!

It's actually barely more than a few simple retextures, but in my opinion, the Raider armors were interesting and cool in shape and build, however I really disliked the look of rusty metal that aesthetically didn't fit to any clothing/etc., so I made this;

All I did was to rextexture all of the available Raider armor types (of which there are a lot actually!) to either a basic black or what might appear like darkened iron/steel/metal or such.
That includes Light, Sturdy and Heavy armor variants as well as their modified versions, which adds up to six different armor sets (not including the six variants of the light harness that apparently exist, too)

Also, for the sake of having them fit to the armors I darkened the Sack Hoods as well, making them too look far better in my opinion

Either way, feel free to give me constructive criticism and feedback as well as suggest eventual changes you'd like to see!
I had a great deal of fun making this, despite being so simple, and I hope you'll like it!