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Morrowind stylish Daedric retexture for X01 Hot rods shark armor. UPDATED: Standalone version added.

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UPDATE: Now standalone version!

The Armor frame and jetpack are still replacers of vanilla textures making them black in color, but now you can make standalone Daedric armor parts on Chemistrystation.
They are in cathegory "Daedric". You need armorer perk. Full set increases your strength a lot. May be little OP. Stats on armor are pretty high too.

When Geck comes out (or creation kit whatever its called), I may update this and place standalone black Powerarmor frame somewhere on map too.
We'll see...

Old replacer version:

This is retexture that makes X01 Shark powerarmor look something like Daedric armor from morrowind. Morrowind because I liked that style most of elder scrolls games.
This replace X01 Hot Rod Shark armor textures and also makes both powerarmorframes in game black. Textures are vanilla size.

If you don't have Shark armor, you can find it from Atom cats carage. Hot Rod magazine that unlocks paint is free to take in one of the houses there.