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Simply removes the "Night Vision while Sneaking" effect from the Night Person Rank 2 perk.

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UPDATE:  Uploaded a "Far Harbor" version because the Far Harbor DLC adds a new rank the the Perk and my original version breaks it.  This version was re-created using the Creation Kit.


Do you hate the night vision effect in Fallout 4?  Did you avoid putting a second point in the Night Person perk because it adds the Night Vision effect while you sneak?  Then this mod is for you!

This mod simply removes the absolutely awful Night Vision effect from the Night Person Rank 2 perk.  The intelligence and Perception bonuses still remain intact.  It just removes the ugly Night Vision effect when you sneak at night or while you inside an interior.  Now you are free to spend that point on the Second Rank of Night Person.

Conflicts & Load Order:

Will conflict with any mod that makes changes to the Night Vision perk. 

If the conflicting mod simply changes the Level Requirement of the Night Vision perk, but does not make changes to the perks effects, simply load my mod ESP before the conflicting ESP.  The perk and the effect are two different records and as long as the other mod doesn't make any changes to the effect the perk uses, then my mod will still work, even thought the description might still say it uses Night Vision.

Some minor glitches to be aware of when running a save with this mod for the first time:

There seems to be a game engine bug that causes the night vision effect to persist permanently when you load into a save with a character that already has the Rank 2 perk, and is actively has the night vision effect active when the save was made.  The issue is is do to the changes I made to the perk and it's conditions.  Since I removed the night vision effect, there are no conditions for when the effect is activated and deactivated anymore.  The game engine has no reference to say when the effect should be turned ON and OFF anymore, which can causing this glitch were the Night Vision effect is permanent.  To avoid this issue, make sure you load a save when you are not sneaking, and preferably during the daytime hours when the effect is turn OFF completely.

Un-installing glitches:

Deactivating the mod seems to also make the Night Vision effect permanently disabled after deactivating the mod.  This can be fixed by removing the perk and then adding it back again in the developer console.  I have provided a Batch file that you can use to easily remove and add the perk to your character in the Optional files.

Other issues:

You might run into a bug that sometimes occurs that causes the night vision effect to happen with no apparent explanation or reason.  This is not my mod.  This is a vanilla bug as this has happened to me once prior to the creation of this mod.  I had to reload an older save to fix the bug.  This issue needs to be addressed to Bethesda Softworks, not me.


This mod was created using FO4edit 3.1.3 alpha build.  I only altered two vanilla records so I'm positive that this is safe and will not corrupt your save file.  It should even work on an existing character that has already has the Night Person Rank 2 perk.  That said, as always, backup you're save file before using this mod.  I do not claim responsibility if your game save is ruined by using this mod.

With that in mind, enjoy.