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Craftable weapons of mass destruction with many simultaneous mod possibilities, as well as rings that can be custom-modified and worn simultaneously. Wear up to 5 power rings at once! Powerful power armor torsos included!

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This is Amazing Items, the craftable, customizable items of power! Want to jet pack around while invisible in your power armor? You can!  Want a fully automatic pistol that takes 5mm bullets and shoots 5 cannonballs per shot, with no recoil? Yes, you can! Choose your amazing abilities, rename your items, mark them as legendary, and equip your companions! Wear 5 rings at the same time? Okay! More exclamations!!!! 


I've added a special lining addon that will convert any armor or clothing with a MISC slot into an amazing item!

Step 1: Create your items at the CHEMISTRY STATION. OR if you have an item with a Misc mod slot, add the "Amazing Conversion" mod to turn it into an amazing item and allow you to add amazing upgrades!
Step 2: Create Amazing Power Core items in the CHEMISTRY STATION as well. Power cores are the required materials for activating the various upgrades on your items.
Step 3: If you created an amazing ring or spare ring, go to the ARMOR WORKBENCH to enable your powers using the Power Cores.  If you created a power armor item, go to the POWER ARMOR STATION to enable the upgrades.  And of course, if you crafted a weapon, upgrade it at the WEAPONS WORKBENCH.
Step 4: Be Amazing!

NOTE: Not all items have all available upgrades. You'll also notice they have different material requirements.  Some of the items are specifically geared toward companions, and thus do not require all of the possible abilities, while other upgrades are specific to power armor only.

This mod utilizes a fomod installer.  If you use Nexus mod manager, just download using that and follow the installation prompt when you activate it on NMM.  Here are instructions on using NMM if you don't know how: Installing Fallout 4 Mods using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)

You may also download the file manually, then move your choice of files from the data folder in the .zip file to the /data/ folder in your fallout 4 installation folder.  Instructions here: Fallout 4: Installing Mods on PC (MANUALLY)

Amazing Items - Cheat - This optional file removes the use of power cores from the mod.  Everything is free!

Amazing Items - Crafting Workbenches - You may activate this in addition to the main file if you have the Crafting Workbenches mod by drdanzel, and would like to craft the armor, clothing, and weapons in their respective workbenches.

Amazing Items - Armorsmith Extended - You may activate this in addition to the main file if you have the Armorsmith Extended mod by Gambit77.  This will add the "Amazing Conversion" mod to any Addon slot on your armor.

With 2.3, you now have more freedom to customize the power of your armor and clothing and mix-match how you like to create the perfect wasteland wanderer.  So far, no major bugs and issues have come up, the minor ones have been quickly fixed, and I've been getting some great suggestions so keep them coming!  I hope to make this mod as compatible and flavorful as possible with your help and some luck, so thanks for the reports and suggestions!

Color Code: Requires Power Core I  Requires Power Core II  Requires Power Core III  Requires Power Core IV  Requires Power Core V

Amazing Conversion - This is a mod that goes in the "Misc" slot of any armor, and will enable the use of all of the armor mods below.

Item Description: Lets you select from a number of premade descriptions, which will set the description of your item in the inventory, as well as mark it with a legendary star, so you can keep better track of your amazing items.

Stealth Mod:
Chameleon - Makes you invisible while sneaking
Camouflage - Same as chameleon, except you can still see yourself.

Toggle Mods (ON or OFF):
No Fall Damage - Removes damage from falling
Targeting HUD - Highlights all life forms in RED. Also available in HOSTILE only mode.
Recon Sensors - Tracks all hostile targets that you have seen through any weapon sight
Night Vision - Grants you sight in darkness.  Same as the Nightman perk.
Detect Corpse - Will highlight corpses, either all of them or only ones holding valuables.
Jet pack - Gives you the jetpack ability with no action point cost.  (The Power armor versions will add the jetpack visual to the armor).
Cold Fusion - Power Armor Only.  Makes your power armor not consume and fusion core energy.
Slow Time - Slows down time to 1/5 normal speed. Can be set to ON (always on) or Sneak (while sneaking). If you are using the Sneak option, it will take about 5 seconds for the effect to stop when you stand up.

Vats Accuracy: Increases your chance to hit in VATS by X10%20%30%50%
Slow Time: Slows down time to 1/5 normal speed.
Movement Speed: Increases your movement speed X 15%25%50%100%
Radiation Regen: Heals X points of radiation damage per second1510
HP Boost: Increases your maximum health by X100250500
HP Regen: Regenerates X points of health per second151020
AP Boost: Increases you maximum action points by X100250500
AP Regen: Regenerates X action points per second51020
Armor: Increases your physical, energy, and radiation resistance by X100250500
Carry Weight: Increases your maximum carry weight by X2505001000

Damage: Increases base damage of the weapon by X10%25%50%
Multi Shot: Increases the number of projectiles the weapon shoots to X2345
Ammo: Replaces the ammo that the weapon uses with X.38.308.44.45.505mm10mm
Projectile: Replaces the projectile of the weapon with X (not that this does not affect the type of ammo the weapon uses)
MissileMini NukeMIRVCannonballPlasmaGammaAlien BlasterRailway Spike

Toggle Mods (ON or OFF):
Never Ending - Gives the weapon unlimited ammo capacity. No more reloading!
No Recoil - Removes recoil from the weapon. (may be affected by other mods that increase recoil)
Automatic - Makes the weapon fully automatic.  Usable on weapons that can be upgraded with an automatic receiver, the mod makes it shoot faster.
Bullet Time - When you aim your weapon, time will be slowed to 1/10 normal speed(so slow).  It may last up to 10 seconds after you put your weapon down due to the way enchants are removed multiplied by how slow game time is while the effect is on.
Perfect Shot - Gives your weapon perfect accuracy.  This may be affected currently by other mods that decrease accuracy, particularly the "Two Shot" legendary mod. Though you won't need that with the Multi Shot ability.


The lifeblood of the amazing items. These are crafted at the CHEMISTRY STATION along with the equipment.  They all require 3 materials in varying amounts, these are CRYSTAL, FIBER OPTICS, and of course FUSION CORE.  There are 5 varieties of power cores, and they activate increasingly powerful upgrades on your amazing items.  Don't worry about losing them, when you remove an upgrade, you get the power core back. Yay!

Amazing Power Core I - Requires 1 of each material.
Amazing Power Core II - Requires 2 of each material.
Amazing Power Core III - Requires 5 of each material.
Amazing Power Core IV - Requires 10 of each material.
Amazing Power Core V - Requires 20 of each material.

Why power cores?  Simple, my friend, the use of power cores to power the upgrades is what makes these items fully customizable!  When you create a power core, you have access to EVERY upgrade that the power core requires.  And when you change or remove the upgrade, you get the power core back, which you can then use on a different upgrade! Awesome!

Will I lose my power core if I remove or change an upgrade?  NO! I've already answered this above, but just to reiterate, when you remove an upgrade, you will get the power core back.

Why do the power cores have no value?  Because NPC vendors have no idea what the hell those are, nor do they know what to do with them.

Why do these power cores take so many fusion cores? Because the upgrades that they activate are amazing!

Can I deconstruct a power core to get my fusion cores back? No, once the power core has been built, it is impossible to take it apart without the fusion power dissipating into nothingness.

Why can't I add my own item descriptions? Because I'm not a ****ing magician, haha!  I added the ability to set a pre-made description, which also marks the item with a star in your inventory.  This is to help you keep better track of your things.  With the limited capabilities we have in modding right now, I cannot add the ability to create your own item description.  You can, however, suggest some new descriptions that you would like to see on the next upgrade!

Version 2.3
  • Added new armor mod "Amazing Conversion". Can be attached to any armor's MISC mod slot, and will allow you to add all amazing armor upgrades to that piece of armor.
  • Added a new optional file, which adds the "Amazing Conversion" to all addon slots added by the Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77.
  • Added new armor upgrade: "Detect Corpse". This will highlight either all corpses or only those with inventory values of more than 5 caps.  Mind you this may continue to highlight some corpses with not loot, due to the value of their armor that cannot be looted, such as super mutant armor.
  • Added new flavor to Targeting HUD: "Hostile".  This will highlight only HOSTILE lifeforms.

Version 2.2
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cold Fusion effect to quickly drain fusion core energy when using the regular power armor jet pack, not the one added by the mod.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the X01 torso to not receive the physical jet pack from the mod.
  • Instead of clothing and armors, There are now 6 Rings, 5 of which can be worn simultaneously, one specifically made for Power Armor.
  • Ring of Amazeballs name changed to Amazing Ring.  This will continue to take a ring slot, so you may switch it back and fourth with other rings, or copies of itself.  The ring can now also be worn by Dogmeat and all Handy type robots.
  • Added 4 "Amazing Spare Ring" varieties, all can be modded similar to Amazing Ring, and all can be worn simultaneously, and also be worn by all companions, including deathclaws.
  • Added a special ring "Amazing Ring - Power Armor Edition".  This ring can only be worn/modded on power armor.  It is kept in the power armor's inventory and will auto-equip when entering the power armor. This can be modded similar to the other rings, except "No Fall Damage" is replaced with "Cold Fusion".
  • Removed all armor from the mod except the rings and power armor torsos. Sorry guys, it takes so long to add all of the armors to the mod, I hope you like the 5 rings.
  • Added 15 new weapon types, yay!
  • Added a variety of new projectiles including lasers, grenades, mines, seeker missiles, and plain old 357 bullets if you're into that.
  • Added new weapon upgrade "Bullet Time" - Slows time to 1/10 normal speed while you are aiming, and for up to 10 seconds after.
  • Added new weapon upgrade "Perfect Shot" - Maximum accuracy, so your rounds will hit exactly where you aim them, if you turn this on along with "No Recoil", your character model automatically turns into John Wayne, haha.  If you use other mods that reduce hip-shot accuracy(i.e. "Two Shot", it will override this mod currently. I'm still working on a way around it.
  • Improved hip-shot accuracy with Multi Shot. It will be about 3x more accurate than the legendary "Two Shot" mod, so the projectiles will be grouped better, but still have a bit of spread.
  • Removed material cost for all weapons and armor currently due to conflicts between the cheat mod and the crafting workbenches mod.  Maybe I will add my own work bench for all of these items one day. Maybe not, we'll see what happens.

Version 2.11
  • Added new weapon upgrade - No Recoil. Self explanatory, sets recoil to zero. Mind you it may be affected by other weapon mods that increase recoil.
  • Changed "Two Shot" to "Multi Shot", and added flavors (2, 3, 4, and 5). Now you can shoot as many as 5 projectiles simultaneously, because why not.

Version 2.1
  • Changed file to NMM installer, which includes main file, cheat, and crafting workbenches files.
  • Fixed range of Targeting HUD effect to match that of the power armor.
  • Added a new weapon upgrade: Automatic.
  • Added a new armor upgrade: Slow time.
  • Added two new craftable armors: Synth Helmet and Synth Field Helmet.
  • Added two new craftable weapons: Fat Man and Deliverer Pistol.

Version 2.0
  • Added amazing weapons with a few amazing upgrades, including ammo and projectile override, unlimited ammo capacity and two-shot.  More to come!
  • With the increase of available upgrades, I have drastically reduced the cost of materials for the power cores.  Ran out of power cores from version 1.0? Don't worry, you can make more!
  • Added the ability to craft fusion cores using 50 fusion cells.
  • Separated the armor, weapon, and power cores into their own categories in the chemistry station, for more organisation.
  • Added an experimental fix for the Jet Pack effect.  Any feedback on this is appreciated.
  • New and improved cheat file, which removes the use of power cores altogether! Hells yeah!

~Crafted with love using FO4Edit.