Atom Cats RULE by crantara
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Added: 14/12/2015 - 05:49AM
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You'll need to make a brand new save from character creation with this mod installed, even if you've
installed a version previous to 0.20.

What's your tale, nightingale?

Tired of chasing that ankle-biter? Want to chill with a bunch of hep cats?
Maybe you'd like to avoid the Minutemen, explore a dangerous area, or score some cherry power armor?
You don't need to tell any nosebleed, your reasons for joining the Atom Cats are your own!

Made in the shade

This mod hops up the Atom Cats corner of the Fallout world. Here's what's in orbit:

After leaving Vault 111, "Atom Cats Garage" will show up on the Pip-boy map.
The player is a member of the Atom Cats faction and can make use of the Atom Cats' items.
All containers in this location should now be safe storage.
The Red Rocket now has a workbench that shares its supplies with the other crafting stations nearby.
"Atom Cats Garage" is now a fully functioning settlement.
The Atom Cats members count as settlers, and are now only killable by the player.
Defense, Food, and Water needs for the original Atom Cats are automatically met.
All beds grant the "Well Rested" bonus.
There is now an NPC cat named "Atom" roaming around.
Swapped a few consumables and miscellaneous items for cooler ones.
Replaced a run-down truck with a pre-war "Lone Wanderer" motorcycle to fix Duke's animation path.
Restored a few cars and a refrigerator to their pre-war cherry states.

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

There are a couple of bugs:

The workshop mode does not show the border of the [large] building area. I
need to create a nif for this. Does anyone want to help?
There is glitched duplicate of the power armor that should be on the stand in the
Red Rocket. This might be Bethesda's problem to fix.
Please report any other bugs!

What's buzzin, cuzzin?

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Short Skirts

Lay a patch

I've got PLANS, most of which will have to wait for the G.E.C.K. to be released:

Make the restored refrigerator provide food for the settlement by being filled with consumables.
Similarly have the generator consume fusion cores to produce power.
The brewing still will consume clean water and instamash to provide water for the settlers.
Add "ice cold" drinks to Bluebird's inventory to reflect the working refrigerator's stock.
Make all of the existing structures movable/scrap-able/build-able into settlement workshop items.
Make the cat "Atom" into a ghoul-cat. Does anyone want to help? My design skilles are week.
Allow the player to side with the Atom cats as a major faction during the main quest.
Rowdy should generate [optional] radiant quests.
Add or restore other faction quests.