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Attaches the diving helmet to the body so it doesn't move with the head and removes the gap, like how actual diving helmets work

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Real diving helmets are big spheres of metal that sit on your shoulders, they don't move around with your head. Rescue Diver Suit added by Far Harbor isn't like that, with the helmet moving around with your character's head. That also causes a pretty noticeable gap in the neck, which isn't very realistic for a diving suit.

This is a quick and simple fix as suggested by michael396 in the Far Harbor Rescue Diver Suit separated helmet posts, parenting the helmet model to the chest bone instead of the head bone (he said he would upload it himself 5 years ago but either didn't or removed it). I also slightly resized the helmet model to fit the opening of the suit better. 

Only requires Far Harbor, and only replaces 2 model files (male and female helmet models). It does work well with Far Harbor Rescue Diver Suit separated helmet, as well as any retextures, but is incompatible with any mods that change the actual model.

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