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Adds new conversion magazines to the Handmade Rifle.

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I have yet another mod to offer! The Handmade Rifle Magazine Pack! The Handmade Rifle already has lots of attachments, so why not add more? This mod sort of stemmed from an idea I had to change the Handmade Rifle to 5.56mm and the Lever Action to .308 as a "Fallout 76 Ammo Conversion" thing, but instead I ended up doing this, I may even do a mod like this for the lever action next! Also I did end up basing one magazine in this pack after the Laser RCW from Fallout: New Vegas.

And now, as you know, onto the mod info: The mod adds 4 magazines that all convert the handmade rifle into a different ammo type. You could make a 10mm SMG, a Chinese Assault Rifle, an Anti-Material Rifle, and even a Laser RCW. All 4 of those in spirit.

  • 10mm Magazine: 5 Adhesive, 6 Aluminum, 5 Oil, 6 Screws, 8 Springs (Requires Gun Nut 3 and Gunslinger 2)
  • .50 Caliber Magazine: 6 Adhesive, 8 Aluminum, 6 Oil, 6 Screws, 12 Springs, 12 Steel (Requires Gun Nut 4 and Rifleman 5)
  • 5.56mm Magazine: 5 Adhesive, 6 Screws, 5 Springs 7 Steel (Requires Gun Nut 3 and Commando 4)
  • Laser Charge Pack: 8 Adhesive, 5 Circuitry, 8 Crystal, 5 Gold, 10 Screws, 12 Steel (Requires Gun Nut 4, Science 4, and Commando 5)