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ACF-N7 - Advanced Carbon Fibre and N7 Combat Armour. Adds a craftable retexture for the Combat armour, giving it a darker metal/carbon fibre finish as well as extra details, scratches, better Normals and a N7 inspired variation, take back the wasteland... in Style.

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Hi guys, sadly I wont be continuing modding at the moment I just don't have the time to keep on top of it. Its crazy how much support this got as well as some of my images for other work in progress which Id love to upload but I just have to much going on at the moment to carry on modding. 

To all the peeps that have messaged me for permission to use the mod for there own files Please feel free to use this mod in your own work and do whatever you want, just credit me in your description. Go crazy, Happy modding guys have fun. 

Newest V 1.2

Optional "Clean" Armour Files now available, check the optional files section.
Also Glow maps by

ACF-N7 Combat Armour: Advanced Carbon Fibre and N7 Combat Armour

Still wandering the wastes in your vault suit and crappy looking drab green combat armour?...Not anymore! this mod is here to remedy that bland crappy looking combat armour and make you look totally Boss, because carbon fibre makes everything awesome.

What this mod does 

Adds a craftable retexture/skin for your combat armour in two variations. 
First is a Dark metal and Carbon Fibre combination
Your Second option is a N7 inspired version complete with Red and White stripes as well as the Metal and Carbon finish.
You can also Add the N7 decal to the chest piece, Have the standard Star or remove it all together.

If you want a "clean" version then download the optional clean version manually and replace the old scratched up textures. Important: you Will need the main ESP file.

To apply the skin go to the armour workbench and simply craft the option you want. Mix and match the textures and armour weights to make the style you want.

This is my first mod so if there is any issue's let me know in the comments but I'm pretty sure its all working fine. If you have any recommendations or ideas then let me know.

Before modding you game make sure you have set you game up properly! A quick google search on setting up properly will save you a lot of problems down the road.

  • Download with Nexus mod Manager
  • Install the main file 
  • IMPORTANT - If you have CTD's try putting my ESP at the end of your load order. There's an issue with the combat helmet that conflicts with other armour mods.
  • Go in game and craft the version you want at the armour workbench.

CBBE and Bodyslide/outfit Studio - Must have body mod for female characters
Vogue ENB - This is the ENB I use, looks stunning.
True Storms - Thunder has never sounded so immersive.
Proto Vault Suit - If your still in your Vault suit then I recommend using this retexture, Looks great with this combat armour on top. Comes in various colour schemes.
Brotherhood of Steel Uniforms - Also looks great with this armour retex.
Craftable Armour Size - Does what it says, a must have.

This Retexture will Soon also be available on Endormoon's 
Craftable Custom Combat Armour

Big shout out to - Endormoon for sorting out all the Fo4edit stuff and making it a working mod for me, I don't have a clue how to use fo4edit.
- Ruddy88 for sharing his wisdom allowing me to remove the palette system and make better Diffuse  
Danariel for sharing her extensive combat armour palettes with me and explaining how they bloody work 
Percephere - for allowing me to rework some of his original textures 
- Also credit to Bioware for making Mass effect and all its awesome armour models :)

This Mod has been Featured by theSamDaWildCARDS check it out!

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