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From scratch built Accessible Backpack, greatly improved, including animations. Works with all backpack mods, add's framework for using different backpack models.

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  • Korean

Complete from scratch built stand alone accessible backpack mod. The original Accessible backpack is a great mod, and I always wanted to do my own take on it.

You MUST take all items out of your backpack and make a clean save or start a new game when updating to 2.0

Upgrades over the original

  • Works with all backpack mods. No longer limited to backpacks of the commonwealth.
  • Backpacks now have a configurable weight limit. You cant store all your items in a bottomless bag.
  • Make's sure you cant put your backpack in your accessible backpack inventory accidently.
  • Adds proper bag opening and closing sound effects
  • Uses a configurable hotkey or aid Item. No unwanted inventory clutter
  • Option to use animations from Q.M.W (Quick Modification Weapon). Automatically detects the animation. Does not require that mods ESP to be activated.
  • MCM to configure options
  • Adds modular framework to use different backpack models depending on what backpack you are wearing. All backpacks can be supported.  

  • Works with any backpack that uses slot 54-58. Almost all backpack mods use these slots, but on occasion some mods dont. If you find popular mods that don't use them please let me know and I'll take a look to see if there is a valid reason for them not to use this slot, and ill make a patch. FYI using certain slots can permanently break game animations and cause minor conflicts with other mods. Best to stick to slot 54 where possible. 
  • Set hotkey in the MCM
  • Turn off animations in the MCM"
  • Like the original mod, your items will be transferred to any new backpack you wear. Multiple backpacks are possible, but its a pain in the ass to code and not at the top of my priority list. 
  • If you want to use the animations you will need to download Q.W.M and install ONLY the backpack animation file, and the sound file. Open the BSA archive and extract the following files, Then untick the ESP if you don't want it and delete the BSA's if you like. 

BackPack animation - Meshes\Actors\Character\_1stperson\animations\QMW\backpackIdle.hkx
Backpack sound FX - Sound\toounx\QMW\WPNQMWraise1.wav


Thank you to bmanzzs who has graciously made his assets available to be used by other modders with credit. I used one of his backpack meshes for now to replace the mesh from Q.M.W since I prefer it. 

Obviously this is inspired by DMagnus and his fantastic Accessible backpack mod. 

I have requested permission from toounx to use a modified version of his backpack animation. If he gives permission (or another animator joins me) Then I can prob do even more. If not that's ok you will just need to download two files form his mod.