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Changes caps into bullets - the way it should have been!

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"...And now we use cartridges for currency, how morbid is that? If you think about it, one bullet is somebody's life. A hundred grams of tea cost five lives. A sausage... a mere trifle, fifteen lives. A nice leather jacket? It's your lucky day, it's on sale. Not three hundred, but just two hundred and fifty human lives."

-Diamond City Guard.

"I heard some Trader tried to use caps to trade. Bottlecaps, really! He got laughed out of the market, and I heard he got beat up somewhere afterward. Served him right, idiot!"

-The Same Diamond City Guard, Probably.

Inspired by the Metro series, here is the quintessential currency conversion using all-vanilla assets.

Trade is conducted using military bullets from before the Great War - rare cartridges created with professional machinery and high-quality materials that are lacking in the post-apocalyptic United States. As such these near-relics are very valuable and highly sought-after, easily becoming the foundation of a primitive barter economy.

This replaces Caps with 5.56 cartridges, and Cap Stashes with 5.56-filled Magazines.

Alternatively, there is a version with 5.56 Stripper Clips, because I couldn't decide which one to make so I made both.


Update (3/3/2022): Added 7.62 version using Nuka-World assets. Renamed 'Rounds' to 'Cartridges' because I've recently finished the book 'Metro 2033'
  and it was awesome. Highly recommended.