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You can place NPC's with the workbench

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This mod adds support to place NPCs via the workshop. Use Deathclaws to guard your settlement or have a Deathclaw versus Deathclaw battle! Since the friendly versions attack the non-friendly versions.

If you were looking for a settlement defense mod this can be used for that


  • Support for the Automatron DLC and Wasteland DLC.

  • Friendly and non-friendly versions of mostly all the NPCs added.

  • NPCs don't just sand in the same spot. They roam around the area they were placed into.

  • Patch for lowered weapons. Raised is default.

  • Cheat menu. e.g A NPC could add 100 power when placed.

  • Has a total of around 450 NPCs

 I take requests and need feedback I do not know how people are feeling about this mod. I do not fully use this mod I only go in-game to test newly added NPCs or something I have added if you find a bug please post!

I'll like to add that I always thought the "Cages" when in the workshop was the Automatron DLC so yeah...
All patches are currently out-of-date and could causes issues
All versions under 1.8.1 are not up-to-date with the current dlcs. I have moved all patches to older version because I cannot consider them reliable anymore. I'll have a look around and update them and or add new patches.

Option 1:
If you don't own any dlcs download the "Placeable NPCs - No DLCs"

Option 2:
If you own the Automatron dlc download "Placeable NPCs - Robot DLC"
both files work with the DLCs but this option supports the NPCs from the Automatron DLC

Download any patches and put them lower in the load-order then Placeable NPCs master file.

How to spawn them?
 All the menus are in the workshop. Open it up and to the very right you should see the two cones. 

Remember when you uninstall this mod the NPCs will be deleted.

Mods it works with:
Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5
Robot Home Defence
Settlements Expanded

If you are having problems with menus not showing move your mods around in the load-order.
If a mod does not work let me know I can make a patch for that certain mod. If a mod adds a menu in the same section as where my NPC Spawn and NPC Spawn Friendly menus are then the mods will conflict, if they do not their will be no conflict. If there is no conflict as I stated move the mods around if this does not fix it I cannot do anything. This happens with all mods that use workshop menu, while I have not had the problem myself other people have.

I talk about stuff

Kills the cat. had to add this video.

Tdetect - NPCs do not detect anything
TCAI - Toggles the NPCs Combat (They will still roam)
TAI - Just turns the NPCs off (Won't roam but will detect you)
TGM - God Mod, also gives you 999 of all NPCs
Openactorcontainer - Let's you trade with the selected NPC

Just some commands a user asked a certain command so i'll just put some here so you don't go digging around. They are all toggle commands other then the trading one.

I would use both TCAI and TAI if I am making a war

Click the "Patch Notes" text

Why did I make this?
I like to have AI battles pain in the ass opening console to spawn them all the time... Even using a bat file it's still a pain.
I also want to see people use this mod I like knowing people actually use my mods and took time out of their day to download this mod!