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Integrates SweetFX into the ENBSeries framework.

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IMPORTANT: Latest release of ENB (v293) is broken. I recommend you stick with v291 until a new working version is released.

This is both my personal preset and a resource for modders.

Allows the use of most SweetFX 2.0 filters from within the ENBSeries environment without the need for additional injectors. Can be used to improve the deployment of visual mods that use both libraries and may also help those who (like myself) have experienced poor performance using ReShade. Best of all, it doesn't change the HUD and it's captured by Steam screenshots!

NEW in 0.3:

  • Added custom shader support (check the download section for samples).

NEW in 0.2:

  • Added ENB in-game menu controls for all effects as seen in picture (see below for details);
  • Reworked shader pipeline to more closely mirror ReShade behaviour (ASCII still a bit unstable under motion, but all others seem fine);
  • Renamed Sweet.fx to enbsweet.fx. This way it's possible to run side by side with SweetFX using ReShade.

The included preset is rather simple and restrained. It's essentially vanilla with enhanced contrast, slight color treatment and a bit of grain/vignette. Shadows are deeper but never crushed and highlights vibrant but not washed out. Also some luma sharpen. Performance hit is low (between 1-3 fps) on my modest rig (GTX 670).


How to install as standalone:

  • Copy the files from this mod into game folder;
  • Download ENBSeries for Fallout 4 and copy d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into game folder;
  • (OPTIONAL) Configure enblocal.ini to suit your system;
  • [F1] toggles effect on/off and [F2] opens ENBSeries menu.

How to add SweetFX functionality to an existing ENBSeries install:

  • Copy enbsweet.fx file and SweetFX folder from this mod into folder where enbeffectpostpass.fx is located (usually at the game's root or inside enbseries folder);
  • Open enbeffectpostpass.fx and add the following at the end: #include "enbsweet.fx"
  • Launch the game and open ENBSeries menu (default shortcut is Shift+Enter);
  • Verify that EnablePostPassShader is checked and switch the technique to SweetFX on the parameters window.


Since version 0.2 there are three ways you can setup your SweetFX preset using ENB. You can change between them by opening "enbsweet.fx" and editing the "USE_ENB_SETTINGS" value to one of the following:

  • [0] Classic - Configure everything using the "SweetFX_settings.txt" file, same way as you would using ReShade or version 0.1 of this mod;
  • [1Hybrid (default) - Enable/disable effects in the  "SweetFX_settings.txt" file, and then configure their parameters using the ENB in-game menu;
  • [2ENB - Setup everything from within the comforts of the ENB menu. However, this method comes with a performance penalty and therefore should only be used while you are unsure which effects you're going to need. After, it is recommended you switch to hybrid mode instead.

Hybrid is the default and recommended choice because it is as quick as classic and overall the more convenient of the three. Full ENB mode might be fine to experiment with at first, but it quickly becomes tiresome to scroll through the huge list of parameters just to tweak the few ones you use. It also performs worse than classic/hybrid.

IMPORTANT: There is no automatic syncronization between classic settings (the ones stored in "SweetFX_settings.txt") and the native ENB settings which Hybrid/ENB modes use (stored in "enbeffectpostpass.fx.ini" file inside "enbseries" folder). This means you can't tweak your preset using the ENB menu and then switch to classic mode, but that should not be a problem since hybrid performs just as well. Just make sure that you include both files when you distribute your preset to others.

Furthermore, no matter which settings mode you use some effect parameters can never be adjusted from the ENB menu (they appear but are grayed out). This limitation stems from how some of the SFX filters are coded and to change it would incur a performance penalty and change the scope of this project from wrapper into a port, which I'm trying to avoid. You'll have to adjust these few settings from the "SweetFX_settings.txt" file.

ENBSeries detects file changes and automatically updates while the game is running, so you can modify all the above mentioned files without the need for restarts.

Some effects are currently not working (see below).


The following effects do not work and using them may fail silently or throw compiler errors:

  • SMAA and FXAA Anti-aliasing;
  • Advanced/PixelArt CRT;
  • Lens Distortion;
  • Transition;
  • Any configuration that uses the depth buffer, for example: #define Ascii_input_image 2 // [1 or 2] 1 = Color buffer, 2 = Depth buffer.

Split screen does not work correctly with all combinations of effects, however, this bug is also present in SweetFX using ReShade. Because this is meant to be a wrapper, I do not intend on fixing these issues (which would require modifying a fair deal of the original code).


If you think you've found a bug please report it by leaving a comment or sending me a pm.


Boris Vorontsov (ENBSeries) and CeeJay (SweetFX).
You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me.